Ecological systems management.

Enric Ruiz-Geli teaches ecological systems management to farmers and students at the www.dharanaretreat.comstitute.

Enric Ruiz-Geli and his interdisciplinary architectural team Cloud 9 in Barcelona work at the interface between architecture and art, digital processes and technological material development.

The architects’ multifaceted projects include stage designs and buildings, installations and patents. These projects are realized together with collaborative partners. Recently, Enric was at the www.dharanaretreat.comstitute where he met with local farmers of Shillim.

He taught the local farmers and students about how to look at ecological systems

  • Study the site at a systems level
  • Understand how does energy flow through the system, ie water & wastewater, electricity, fuel, food
  • Learn how to create maps and data of biotic activity using sensors (Enric gave an example of butterflies and spiders)
  • Intervene at a tangible physical level. Design at the object level – design a shelter/structure that appropriates a great view
  • How to build a cocoon from bio-degradable grafting tape
  • How to plan for an object-level intervention that when constructed would benefit the property
  • How to produce interesting artifacts for the Shillim archive
  • How to connect with some local craftsmen/fabric/fiber producers

The live project involved building a cocoon, documenting the process, and then watch it decomposing over time.

About Enric Ruiz-Geli

Enric Ruiz Geli / Cloud 9 lectures and collaborates with a map of Labs such as Angewandte, UCLA, CITA, Pasadena Art Center, RMIT, Bartlett, ETH, Buckminster Fuller Institute, with a master unit at Architectural Association School and Institute for Advanced Architecture in Catalonia.

Enric Ruiz Geli / Cloud 9 has been awarded nationally and internationally for the Research and Innovation applied to the design with such as the Research and Development Award of the Southern California Institute of Architecture and the Catalonian Award of Environment for the Sustainable Architecture.

The most important projects of Enric Ruiz Geli / Cloud 9 include the Villa Nurbs in Empuriabrava, an organically formed, ecological and futuristic house; the Millennium Project in Valladolid, an urban retrofitting; elBulliFoundation for the chief Ferran Adrià as a living laboratory in Cap de Creus; and the Media-ICT building in Barcelona that has been awarded as Best Building of the World by WAF 2011; it is a Net Zero Building with a very competitive cost of construction.

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