Dharana Life

Length of stay: minimum 3 nights

Embark on a healthy life Journey as a first step to self-discovery, to reconnect with yourself & create mindfulness in everything you do. The Dharana Way of Life you learn from our experts during the Dharana Life program is a continuation of the program even after you return home, as these learnings will empower you with knowledge & art of being mindful & adopting healthier choices.


Motivate individuals to take their first step towards learning the Dharana approach & Way of Life by embracing a healthy lifestyle & giving up the health impacting detractors or poor habits.

Individuals will learn the Dharana Way of life in a shorter duration as an introduction & seek the longer comprehensive LifeScience program versions in future to achieve a specific goal

To slow down on hectic fast paced life, in a conducive environment, where the focus is on to detach from daily bustle and get closer to self & nature.

Science & Approach

Working with a focused approach, Dharana wellness experts integrate the essential philosophical, spiritual and artistic wisdom of health & wellness with contemporary, life enhancing practices and modern diagnostics, paving the way towards a wholesome holistic and preventive healing experience by understanding each and every individual and what they aim to achieve.

A personalized Dinacharya (Daily plan) is drawn out after the consultation, which incorporates individual diet, healing practices & healthy physical activities.

Programme Inclusion (Dharana Life)

Preventative Medicine
1 x Ayurveda Consultation
1 x Body Composition Analysis
1 x Take Home advise consultation & Recommendation

Exercise & Physiology
As prescribed x Shillim Peak Trek or Aqua Aerobics or TRX
Daily X Thermal Walks

Nutrition & Dietetics
1 x Nutrition Expert consultation
Daily X Dharana food philosophy aligned diet

Conflict Resolution
As prescribed x Wellness Talk or Meditation

Spiritual Wellbeing
As prescribed x Yogasana or Pranayama
As prescribed x Forest walking or Music Therapy

Personalised Wellness Rituals
1 x Signature Ritual 60 Minutes (Abhaya or Sahyadri or Vanoushadhi)
1 x Body Healing Therapy 60 Minutes ( Ku Nye Massage or Chakra Balancing)
1 x Skin care Therapy 45 Minutes (Body Scrub / Body wrap))

Standard personalized Inclusion (All inclusions are Subject to Doctor’s Recommendations)

A sanctuary for body, mind and spirit.

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