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Dharana at Shillim | Power of Sound by Dr. Sujata Singhi

Naadananda- The Journey from Annamaya Kosha to Anandamaya Kosha with the Power of Sound

Imagine a place where you can escape from the everyday stresses and return refreshed with renewed energy and focus at the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual levels which transforms both your personal and professional life.

Learning to unwind and reconnect to what matters is the key to sustainable health, happiness and prosperity.

Naadananda is a Sound Healing and spiritual retreat where you can discover sound therapy, meditation, mindfulness programs, yoga, pranayama, detox and much more.

Heal and re-energize your mind-body-spirit to awaken the manifestor in you.

Time to “Reclaim your Riches” and setup the next trajectory of good health and wellness.

What is Sound and Naadananda retreat?

Music is the universal language which holds the capacity to melt away all stresses magically.

After a tiresome and stressed day, we often listen to songs or instrumental music and start feeling the relief almost instantaneously. This is the Power of Sound. This magic is created due to the vibrations which directly works on your heart and soul, relaxing and soothing you to find the peace.

Sound healing is one of the most ancient ways of calming and soothing the mind-body-soul helping one to re-align to the universal frequencies of good health at all levels.

How is Sound Healing performed?

Generally, any Tibetan or Himalayan Bowls can be used for general relaxations. However, to have the most effective sound frequencies, special 5 or 7 metal bowls of pure frequencies are to be used by a trained and well qualified sound therapist. Sound is medicine and when administered as medicine, proper protocols have to be followed.

The vibrations produced from the bowl creates a profound sense of blissfulness. The sound wave shifts on your brain and filters your mind offering a deep state of rest. It ensures the complete internal healing of an individual. Vibrations are not only produced on objects but also on our thoughts, emotions and feelings. Those emotions which we find unpleasant vibrate at low levels while those which we find pleasant vibrate at high levels. The emotions which we don't want to disturb us vanishes with vibrations of the sound bowls and those which we want to live with to refresh our mood lives on.

De-Stress in a Stressed-out World will help you:

  • Realign your body’s energy with healing, therapeutic music
  • Rediscover the beauty that surrounds you with captivating images from nature
  • Regain your centre with sound proven to stimulate the brain
  • Refocus on your day with a more aware sense of self
  • Realize how to relax in a stressful world.

Proven Healing Technique

Sound Healing is not only a spiritual technique; indeed, it is scientifically proven too.

Talking about it as a part of Hindu spirituality, you might notice sages or saints in ancient stories meditating while chanting "Om" or any other spiritual mantra. They are believed to be so calm and composed in nature. The reason is simple, they respond to the spiritual sound and its vibrations which eventually filters their emotions and thoughts.

Not even this, it is scientifically proved that sound can help in reducing stress and creating a profound sense of well-being. The effect of a sound in the body and mind of an individual is not new; instead, it has been part of Hindu spirituality and healing therapy for ages in the form of a Mantra Chanting & Recitation. This ancient tradition is an amalgam with a modern-day renaissance and forms a therapy of sound healing.

You often read or listened about talking to a plant to let it grow faster. Take two plants, let one plant grows in silence and the other in a joyous atmosphere. Play soulful music in front of other plants or do talk to it regularly. You will find that the one in a joyous atmosphere grows faster than the previous one. This is also the result of Sound Healing. Music or your talks produce a vibration that leads to the faster growth of a plant.

Benefits Of Sound Healing

The frequency and vibrations produced by any particular type of sound benefit you in many ways. They heal you from the inside out and offer a complete package of relaxation. Some of the well-known benefits of Sound Healing are -

  • Reduce Insomnia -

    Insomnia or not getting sleep is becoming a common problem in present times. The therapy of Sound Healing produces low-frequency waves that slows brainwave activity and eventually aid relaxation and sleep.

  • Complete Relaxation -

    Even after getting a complete night’s sleep, sometimes you feel tired on a physical and mental level just after waking up. This means you get a good sleep but not a relaxed sleep. With the practice or Therapy of Sound Healing, you will get complete relaxation after waking up.

  • Calmer Mind -

    The Sound Healing Therapy reduces stress and calms the mind completely making you ready to perform day to day activity easily and without getting tired. It reduces the negative emotions, past wounds, issues, confusion from the mind; ultimately offering a cool and calm mind, thoughts and emotions.

  • Relief from Anxiety and Depression -

    Anxiety and Depression is becoming modern life illness. You are not able to find your mobile, you feel anxiety; you are not able to achieve what you want, you feel depressed. But Sound Healing Therapy is proven to be the best in getting relief from the problems of anxiety and depression.

  • Release Blocked Emotions -

    The cases of silent heart attacks is increasing rapidly. A person without a severe medical history died due to a sudden heart attack. This happens when you block your emotions. The state of melancholy is making a person mentally weak. Sound Healing Therapy helps a person to release those blocked emotions which have been disturbing him for a while.

  • Balance Physically and Mentally -

    One can achieve physical fitness in a variety of ways; yoga, gym, exercise, running, jogging or walking. But what about Mental Health? It can only be gained with the right mental practice and sound healing is a proven therapy for this.

Benefits of retreat:

  • A rejuvenating vacation
  • Nourish your soul
  • Connect to your core self
  • Positive engagement with self and others
  • Connect with likeminded people
  • Enhance family and social connections
  • Improve everyday skills
  • Get professional guidance
  • Engage in empowering activities
  • Detox and enjoy healthy living
  • Reconnect to nature and ground yourself
  • Explore different cultures
  • Re-discover yourself by unfolding your true self

She has won various national and international awards in the capacity of an author, thought leader, transformation influencer and social activist. The concept of her book, “Power of Sound” was given the title of “Boon to Mankind” by Hon. President of India, Shri. Pranab Mukherjee in May 2017 during his tenure.

She has been conferred with 5 Doctorates in the fields of Sound and Spiritual Sciences, Happiness and Wellbeing, Life Skill Education with Specialization in Sound and NLP, Humanities, Founder of MERT (Music and Emotion Release Therapies) and conferred doctorate in the same.

She is also conferred with a D.Litt in Musical Arts accredited by Cambridge Distance Education (UK) and Founder of Divine Soul Sound- Institute of Sound and Spiritual Sciences.

Dr. Singhi has spoken internationally on various forums under the United Nations with regards to health and wellness, environment, gender equality and world peace. As a researcher, she has been appointed as the Hon. Board Member at the IJBST an MIL of UNESCO and as Asst. Secretary for Maharashtra under EDUXIO Research Center India and EDUXIO University, USA to help research in the field of happiness and well-being. She is a Paul Harris Fellow Rotarian and a philanthropist who works towards uplifting mankind through wellness and education.

She conducts training and workshops on Sound and Spiritual Sciences, Soul Awakening retreats across various countries and has had participants from over 27+ countries to date. She is also an expert with regards to corporate training in the fields of wellness and self-leadership.

Click the link below to watch Dr. Singhi’s Tedx Talk :


Programme Inclusion (Power of Sound by Dr. Sujata Singhi)

Day 1
Check-in at Gate House
Welcome Ritual at Dharana Reception
Introduction to Dr. Sujata & Team Dharana at Tea House
Tea Ceremony & Guest Questionnaire at Tea House
Community Wellness Lunch at Green Table (Along with conversation with Dr. Sujata)
Villa Check-in & Relaxation Meditation by Dr. Sujata at Dhyana
Wellness Activity
Dinner at Green Table

Day 2
A session with Dr. Sujata
Breakfast at Green Table
Introduction to Diagnostics & Consultations with One-on-One Interactions at Tea House
Wellness Therapy
Cooking Session with Dr. Sujata & Dharana Chefs
Lunch at Shillim Cooking School
Clay Therapy with Sound Healing Meditation by Dr. Sujata at Dhyana
Dinner at Green Table

Day 3
Yoga & Sound Healing Session with Dr. Sujata at Shillim Peak
Breakfast at Green Table
De-brief Interactive Closing Session
Community Lunch