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About us

Our connection to wild places enables us to feel like a part of a greater natural system. Shillim serves as a location where we can re-establish that connection. By utilizing Shillim as a practice, we can move past the noise and fatigue of our daily routines and access the profound sense of rejuvenation that this location offers, allowing us to reconnect with our true selves.

Short Health Stays

Any form of healing needs to start with the state of Dharana.
It is with this grounded focus, that we trigger the journey of healing for you.

Comprehensive Wellness Getaways

A combination of ancient wisdom and modern diagnostics aids Dharana's Wellness Experts in providing holistic, preventative and comprehensive healing. The goal is to understand your mind, body and soul, along with their individual needs and requirements for a personalized healing experience


"Amazing to be in the middle of Shayadri Range of Mountains. Completely mesmerises and rejuvenates your body and soul, within the lush green forest and the sounds of chirping birds. Enjoying the delicious and mouth watering organic meals, which is based on farm to table concept, is a blessing. A must go place, now and always !!

- Major Asif Syed

"This 320 acre property is a separate world in itself. This property gives you the opportunity to disconnect and recharge away from all the city rush. There is so much harmony between the amenities and nature. Scenic beauty, right at the middle of forest range with most natural beauty. The villa was really lovely, and we especially loved the large balcony overlooking the forest and mountain. Surely an example of how nature and sustainability meets Luxury. Exceptional service! From the house keeping, to security gaurds and they are all over the place to restaurant stewards and attendants to everyone you met, the politeness, manners and hospitality shone through. Coming to food, it was delicious all the dishes we ordered was delectable. The quality of the cuisine in the resort was high end. Menu is limited and It can be little expensive but worth it. Overall it was One of the most relaxing and memorable experience of my life. We had a really great time in the midst of nature. Would love to travel again. Recommended to others.!!"

- Vishal Sonawane

"Had an amazing time at this resort. Perfect place if you wanted to wind down and relax. The room was huge and it was equipped with indoor and outdoor shower! There is a car service to travel around the resort. Food was yummy! There were variety of options to choose from."

- Sarah R

Frequently asked questions

We are located at Shillim, Lonavla, Maharashtra.
Unfortunately, we aren't open for dine-ins for patrons who aren't staying with us.
You can book an appointment with our wellness expert or contact Ratnesh Kini on +91 77559 44438 for any further queries.
You can book a stay with us via the reservation form linked below: Book Now
We do not have any ongoing offers on the website. Kindly fill in your details in the form linked below and the concerned team shall contact you at the earliest. Book Now

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