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5 healthy ways to lose weight naturally

Our hectic lifestyle and busy schedules leave us with little to no time for ourselves.

Add to this our crazy desires to achieve everything quickly.

When it comes to getting fit or losing weight, we want to do that super quickly, too.

While one of those crash diets can help you lose weight quickly, it is harmful for you in the long run.

If you’re planning to lose weight, it is best to consult a professional who can guide you.

The wellness programs at Shillim have been designed with a special emphasis on weight loss and other common health problems.

To get you started on your weight loss journey, here are 5 tips our experts swear by.

1. Add protein to your diet

Protein is rich in nutrients and super healthy for your body. It is known to make you full sooner and reduce your appetite.

A high protein diet also improves your metabolism, which helps you digest food quicker.

2. Avoid packaged foods and drinks

Packaged foods and drinks are full of chemical preservatives and unhealthy fats. Also, packaged foods and drinks are rarely fresh. Packaged drinks, especially, are packed with calories.

To eat healthy, you must eat fresh foods as much as possible.

3. Limit your sugar intake

When trying to eat healthy, people often forget that beverages contain more sugar than eatables. Even natural liquids like milk and fruit juices are sugar rich. If you’re habitual to drinking tea or coffee, you’re probably consuming a lot of sugar along with that, too.

If you’re trying to cut down your sugar intake, avoiding sweet eatables only isn’t going to help. You need to keep a watch on the amount of sugar in your beverages, too.

4. Drink plenty of water

Did you know that drinking water can help you lose weight?

Water also helps the body eliminate toxins. If you replace water with other sugary drinks in your diet, it is particularly known to aid weight loss.

Since water helps cleanse the body, drinking plenty of water is very helpful if you’re trying to lose weight.

5. Eat organic fruits and veggies

These days, fruits and vegetables are grown with loads of chemical preservatives and fertilizers. Such foods are extremely harmful for health. Thankfully, people are realising the importance of organically grown food. Whenever possible, replace the chemically grown foods with organic food.

 The wellness programs offered at Hilton Shillim have been designed keeping in mind your hectic schedules and the modern lifestyle.

The programs are scientifically validated and makes a demonstrable difference to your mind and body.

1. We diagnose your body using ultra-modern, non-invasive, western technology and prepare a report.

2. We prescribe a wellness programme that best heals your mind and body.

3. The wellness programmes at Shillim rely on ancient, oriental healing practices – Ayurveda, Yoga and Chinese techniques for body and mind repair.

4. We urge you into nature and fitness activities that restore your health.

5. A post-programme report demonstrates the impact of the wellness program on your body.

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