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Sustainability at Dharana at Shillim

Luxury Blends with Nature

Dharana at Shillim is a sanctuary where luxury blends seamlessly with nature. Supported by the Shillim Institute, we want to be a global catalyst in changing the way people look after the environment, to create a harmonious relationship between humans and nature. Our mission is to facilitate transformation in conservation, sustainability and community wellbeing to help heal the planet and create a resilient future. Together, we are stronger.


We turn our food waste into compost which is then used on our beautiful landscape to improve soil health, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and recycle nutrients. Any bio waste is disinfected and processed as per normal standards before being sent to a Pune-based bio-medical and storage facility. Furthermore, to achieve 0% use of single-use plastic, we have switched our food and beverage packaging to bio-degradable food wraps and garbage bags.


We have stopped the use of plastic water bottles at Dharana at Shillim and now use glass water bottles. We draw our water from the nearby Pawana dam which we filter using our own water purification plant before using the water across the retreat. We have constructed rainwater harvesting pits for our villas to harvest the water directly from the ground to help increase the groundwater level. We also have two water reservoirs at the retreat. In total, we collect 18,000kl of water per annum, which we use for daily operations during the monsoon season.


We have installed 1,443 solar panels in the retreat. The capacity of our energy plant is 486KW, which generates approximately 2,000 KWH units of energy daily. This helps us fulfil around 20% of our daily energy requirement. In addition, we have replaced our diesel-operated hot water calorifiers with electric-operated heat pumps and replaced the diesel-fired steam generator for our laundry with an LPG-fired steam generator. This has helped us achieve a diesel consumption offset of 90,000 litres of diesel per annum.


Protecting the environment has always been at the heart of Shillim. We have planted thousands of trees and plant species, including trees native to the Northern Western Ghats such as Dhup, Anjani and Satwin. Each species has been carefully chosen either for providing shade, attracting pollinators, encouraging birdlife or adding to the beauty of Shillim. We have planted a total of 461 rare and endemic species within the forest and sacred groves such as Rakta Rohida, Shisam and Cher. By 2030, we aim to have converted at least 10% of current open scrub vegetation into dense tall canopy forest area and eliminated any invasive species.


We have been training female farmers in sustainable and organic farming practices, equipping them with the knowledge and skills to implement regenerative practices. These practices include soil conservation, crop rotation, agroforestry, and organic fertilisers, including JeevAmrut, NeemAmrut and Sadraas (consisting of hirada, behada, curd and cow dunk). We have also implemented a Kitchen Garden programme for women. Working hand in hand with the local community is essential for the preservation of our natural habitats. We have therefore been providing education on forest protection and sustainable use of forest produce. Separately, we offer crochet and quilt-making training for women. By 2030, we aim for, at least, 5000–plus families to be engaged through Dharana at Shillim’s sustainable livelihood programmes.


At Dharana at Shillim, we embrace an earth-to-table approach, serving nutritionally balanced dishes designed to nourish and feed your body, mind, and soul. We grow our own vegetables such as sun-ripened cherry tomatoes, radishes, green peas, cucumber and a host of medicinal healing herbs, including India’s revered Ram Tulsi and Shyam Tulsi. This produce is then used to create wholesome, natural and seasonal food for our wellbeing guests in our wide range of nourishing spaces.


To pick the perfect wellbeing programme for your needs contact us, in the strictest confidence, with some initial personal details. We’ll then be in touch to help guide your choices.