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5 things you can do instead of hitting the gym every day


Tired of hitting the gym every day? Bored of following the same exercise regime all the time?

Exercising regularly is important to keep yourself healthy and active. But it need not be boring.

If you stick to the same routine, it is natural to get bored. Here are 5 things you can do instead of hitting the gym each day.

1. Cycling

Cycling not only aids weight loss but also improves muscle strength and flexibility. It is believed that it is good for your heart health and keeps the body active even as you grow older.

Cycling is one of the coolest ways to get fit. Imagine cycling your way around the city, exploring the hidden streets. Doesn’t that sound so much more interesting that pushing paddles on an exercise bike at the gym?

2. Trekking

Apart from keeping your body active, trekking is also a great way to cleanse the lungs. Especially in countries like India, people go trekking because it is a great way to get away from the constant pollution of the city. Trekking on the not-so polluted mountains, you can breathe clean and fresh air.

Trekking also helps keep your muscles flexible and your bones healthy. Isn’t that a great way to combine adventure and fitness?

3. Yoga

Yoga originated in India but now, the whole world has realised its importance and health benefits. Yoga is beneficial not just for physical health but also for mental health. It makes your body flexible and also helps improves concentration. Yoga helps fight anxiety and keeps you calm.

It is advisable that you practice Yoga outdoors, early in the morning.

4. Dancing

Dancing is a great way to relieve stress. It is said that it helps the body release dopamine, the happy hormone. Dancing also keeps you active and fit. It is a great way to lose weight. Dance workouts are becoming increasingly popular amongst fitness freaks and those looking to lose weight.

5. Walking

They say walking is a man’s best medicine. It is cheap, fun and one of the simplest forms of exercise.

40 minutes of walking each day helps keep the heart healthy. Walking regularly also prevents joint pains and arthritis in the elderly.

Exercising regularly keeps the body fit and healthy.

You can include fun activities in your exercise regime and make being fit a fun activity.

At Hilton Shillim, fun fitness activities like cycling, trekking or walking are an integral part of our wellness programmes.

At Shillim, wellness is not a warm, fuzzy feeling. It involves a precise methodology with precise results.

1. We diagnose your body using ultra-modern, non-invasive, western technology and prepare a report.

2. We prescribe a wellness programme that best heals your mind and body.

3. The wellness programmes at Shillim rely on ancient, oriental healing practices – Ayurveda, Yoga and Chinese techniques for body and mind repair.

4. We urge you into nature and fitness activities that restore your health.

5. A post-programme report demonstrates the impact of the wellness program on your body.

Embrace the Dharana Way of Life. It makes a demonstrable difference to your mind and body. Available only at the Hilton Shillim Estate Retreat and Spa. Book your stay now.

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