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Ayurveda: 5 Proven Benefits of Tulsi

Stress and Anxiety are parts of millennial life. With us preparing for the new normal, health takes a priority. One the oldest herbs known to humankind – tulsi, is renowned for its healing properties. Called the “holy basil”, it is also considered to be sacred and is worshipped in many Indian households. It is used for religious and medical purposes. From a healthier gut to enhancing nutrition of food, the benefits of this humble herb are plenty.

Remedy for the flu –  With COVID19 being a respiratory disease that doesn’t have a specific cure, consumption of tulsi can greatly help cold and cough, one of the symptoms of the coronavirus. It reduces frequency of the cough and soothes any throat soreness. Tulsi flowers taken with ginger, black pepper and honey is a common remedy for cough and cold. Additionally, tulsi leaves with onion and ginger juice significantly helps in managing dry cough.  

Anti-Inflammatory Properties – Chewing Tulsi leaves can aid in soothing fever, headache, sore throat, cold, cough etc as it contains enzyme-inhibiting oils like eugenol, citronellol and linalool. It also helps lowering inflammation, risk of heart disease, rheumatoid arthritis and inflammatory bowel conditions.

Disease-Fighting Antioxidants – Essential oils with Tulsi protect DNA structure and cells. It contains water-soluble antioxidants, orientin and viceninare that make the immune system stronger, protect cellular structure, DNA and also possess anti ageing properties.

Skin Care – Tulsi cleanses the skin from within – as it is an excellent skin cleanser for oily skin; it removes dirt and impurities from blocked pores on the skin. It has many anti-inflammatory properties and antimicrobial properties that resist the formation of acne. Doctors also use Tulsi to heal many diseases. Eg. The juice of Tulsi leaves are used in treating skin disorders like ringworm. They can also be used as a skin ointment.

Natural Immunity Booster – The Holy Basil is rich in Vitamin C and zinc. Therefore, it is a natural immunity booster that prevents infections. Loaded with anti-viral, antifungal and antibacterial properties, it keeps a number of infections at bay. The extract from tulsi leaves increases the activity T helper cells and natural kill cells, that in turn boost the immune system.

Here are a few ways you can consume Tulsi daily. 

  1. Fresh tulsi juice, with black pepper powder can cure fever. 
  2. Boiled tulsi leaves with elaichi powder in half litre of water, mixed with sugar and milk also helps reduce fever
  3. Tulsi leaves, crushed and mixed with a teaspoon of honey is a natural remedy for cough and sore throat. 
  4. Tulsi powder, with hot water – consumed as Tea
  5. Tulsi powder infused in Ghee – for better digestive health.

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