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Can Yoga Cure Addictions?

Yoga fuels the soul. It holds the potential to heal, rejuvenate and safeguard mental health and spiritual prosperity. It is an internal course of detoxification that cleanses the soul of impurities. Addiction is a disease that leaves us emotionally blinded and mentally unstable. It damages an individual in such a way that he/she no longer perceives self-care to be prioritised. It deprives us of equanimity and peace.

Dharana at Shillim, a wellness retreat centre, can help individuals recover through all kinds of addictions with their Art of Detox programme and a variety of other holistic programmes. The Dharana way of life is addiction-free and serene. There are numerous ways of recovery; one of which is healing through the urges by a soothing medium such as yoga. When an individual is addicted to substances, the desire to surrender to these urges can lead to prolonged illnesses. Recovery through heavy medications can lead to palpitation and increased chances of relapsing. The Dharana way of recovery is by practicing yoga each day. Through this ancient exercise, one can experience calmness and emotional stability.  It relaxes the muscles and causes the nervous system and mental synapses to function effectively, to find inner strength to overcome the urges and avoid a relapse.

Yoga, as we all know, has no side effects. It possesses the ability to strengthen the human body from within. There is a serious inclination of this practice towards Ayurveda and proves to be a natural remedy for various mental disorders. The traditional form of yoga consists of a set of Asanas that hold immense healing powers. Yoga also regulates breathing, allowing us to regain composure.  It motivates us to purge addiction and harness our inner capabilities.

Yoga is a disciplined method to attain a goal through dedicated consciousness by practicing reclining, standing, inverted, twisting, and balancing poses. These poses relieve stress and release Endorphin hormones in the body that make us feel happy and cheerful. Yoga thus acts as a catalyst in the recovery process. At Dharana’s wellness retreat we promote healthy living and spiritual healing through the practice of yoga. With Dharana’s Yogic Life, one can undergo a complete detoxification, which leads to instant gratification and lasting transformation. One of the many goals of Dharana’s yogic life is removal of impurities of the mind, body & soul thus aligning to the tenets of yoga’s core verses “Yogena Chitasya Padena Vacha, Malam Shareerasya Cha Vaidyakena.”  Yoga gives you the opportunity and an integral space to fulfil our spiritual attainments.

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