Different ways mindfulness practices reduce stress

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An emotionally charged state leads to a normal psychological and physical response from your body which we identify as stress. One can get absolutely engulfed in stress if one is demotivated, overwhelmed with work or facing personal relationship issues. This elevated level of stress can be detrimental for your health as it causes health issues like blood pressure, suffocation and in worse situation can even lead to heart attack. Practising mindfulness everyday can reduce stress considerably, besides it also gives you a small respite from your busy life.

Dharana at Shillim, a holistic retreat centre, revolving around the concept of ancient healing with modern practices offers programmes that imbibe mindfulness. Every programme is incorporated with stress reducing practices like yoga, meditation or other physical activities. These specific recreations can also help you exercise mindfulness thereby reducing stress levels whilst paving your way towards better health and wellness.

1)   Mindful breathing:

A practice of concentrating on your breath can do wonders for your brain. Mindful breathing helps in soothing the body, calming the soul and improving concentration. This is one of the simplest practices that aid in reducing stress.

2)   Meditation:

A practice of focusing your attention towards your breath in the present moment, meditation incorporates discipline, increases focus towards work and relaxes the mind. This method can benefit you in the process of attaining mindfulness which will indirectly relieve stress and relax your body. Sitting comfortably, focusing on breathing and meditating well can lead to a peaceful state of mind.

3)   Practice Yoga:

When there is excessive stress, you may begin to a downhill journey towards mental and physical discomfort. If you opt for a daily session of yoga, it serves the dual purpose of reducing stress and it’s also a rewarding physical activity for your body. The fundamental principle to practising yoga is that your body and mind are one and connected. Classical yoga includes ethical disciplines, physical postures, breathing control and meditation. Daily yoga practice can help you lessen panic and anxiety leading to a more energetic state.

4)   Daily Workout:

Stress is an inevitable part of your life, it brings in anxiety, depression or in a worst-case scenario it can permanently affect your health mentally, physically or emotionally. Any sport, physical activity or simple exercises that involves focussing on your body can be incorporated in your daily workout. Physical activities produce endorphins, a necessary compound that act as a natural painkiller which also improves the ability to sleep, indirectly reducing stress.

5)   Take a break:

Your body and soul need some attention, assure yourself some mindfulness from an exceptional wellness retreat in India so that you go refreshed and rejuvenated. Unplug from devices and do something creative like practising a hobby you love or explore an eco-retreat experience. Overall consuming healthy food, exercise, yoga, meditation can help you reduce stress and attain a state of mindfulness.

Each of these practices can be used daily to reduce stress, tension and exhaustion. When you attain mindfulness, it becomes easier to accept whatever comes your way during the rest of your life.