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National Nutrition Week – Why is Eating Healthy Important?

Initially observed by the American Dietetic Association, the importance of National Nutrition Week has reached a global scale. The aim is to advocate for healthy, nutritious cuisine over the usual junk food, giving to the body rather than harming it further. Celebrated on the first week of September, it serves as a note of just how prevalent unhealthy eating has become. Fast Foods, often full of fats and sugar are not only enticing to a wide audience but also available at the tap of a button. As fast food delivery becomes easier and faster, many people are faced with the challenge of choosing between fast food and healthy options.

What makes realizing the Importance of Healthy Eating a difficult choice? A possible explanation is proposed by Professor of Marketing Linda Hagen’s research. Via a series of experiments, the researchers identified that ‘Physical Involvement in Obtaining Food’ negatively correlated with how unhealthy it was. The more effort required in obtaining healthy food, the more likely it is that an unhealthy alternative is chosen. A behavior commonly referred to as ‘Rejecting Responsibility’ occurs when individuals distance themselves from their food choices.

The experts at Dharana Wellness Retreat in India focus on the relationship between an individual and nutrition. Understanding the nuances of the urban environment, the Wellness Journey at the retreat aims to build healthier habits as to how one approaches food. An important step of this process is reducing the barriers between you and the final dishThe first essential aspect is the in-house

Grown without any synthetic chemicals, this Organic produce serves a nutritious base for any dish and cuisine. Strolling through the farm helps you gain an understanding and appreciation for the processes behind a simple vegetable, along with the steps that make it ‘Organic’. Building on this is the

 which further reduces the distance between you and your food. Starting at the farm by picking fresh produce, Dharana’s Chef then teaches you how to make an amazingly healthy and nutritious dish out of it. One of Dharana Retreat’s signature recipes, they can easily be a part ofyour daily living

One important aspect of Healthy Eating is a diet that relates to your individual lifestyle. It dictates the amount of caloric intake, along with the type of foods best processed by your body. At the Dharana Wellness Retreat in India, experts focus on an Ayurvedic analysis of your body, arriving at an individualized, dosha-specific Dinacharya and Ritucharya –  a Daily and Monthly diet plan. The nutritionists at the retreat implement this plan with various nutritional thalis prepared by their culinary experts. Coupled with the organic ingredients and the associated learning, a stay at Dharana Retreat proves to be truly transformative, redefining your relationship with nourishment as a whole.

Book your stay at Dharana to gain this unique and transformative experience the world of organic Nutrition and Dietetics, in the beauty of the Sahyadris.