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Staying Hydrated: An Ayurvedic Wellness Document

Stressing on the importance of staying hydrated or drinking fluids such as water throughout the day is an endless affair. Our body is made up of 60-70% of water; as a result, it is responsible for all of our bodily functions. Bifurcation of Water content in our body is as follows:

1- Blood- 83 % of water

2- Muscles- 75% of water

3- Bones- 22% of water

4- Brain- 74% of water


Maintenance and sustenance of water flow in our body is necessary to hydrate cells and tissues for proper functioning. It also helps in regulating and controlling body temperature. Water consumption aids in bodily functions such as breathing, sweating, absorption of minerals and nutrients etc.


What is the Ayurvedic way of drinking water?

Water has nourishing and cooling properties that aids in digestion, cools and balances Pitta Dosha, supports Kapha Dosha and counteracts the dryness of Vata Dosha. In order to detoxify and enhance moisture absorption, Ayurvedic texts suggest that boiling water for various time intervals creates a therapeutic water called Ushnodaka. 

Ushnodaka enhances the digestive power, good for the throat and reduces the chances of susceptibility to ailments and diseases. Another method is to add spices or herbs to your water after boiling or in lukewarm water. Ingredients such as ginger, lemon, mint leaves, cucumber and herbal tea not only enhance your taste buds but also benefit in detoxification.


1- Sit and drink water and never stand while drinking water to enable proper digestion, flow and absorption.


2- Take a sip and never gulp down an entire glass of water. Prefer not to drink an entire glass but only sips of water before, during and after a meal. Avoid as much as you can drinking water somewhere around your full fledged meals such as lunch, dinner and breakfast. Drinking water before meals affects digestion and after meals causes bloating.


3- Prefer drinking water at room temperature or boiled water throughout the day and seasons. Drinking cold water causes many health issues in the longer run associated with several organs and it shuts down the digestive fire causing a disbalance in the digestive system.


4-  Regarding quantity of water, since all of us are of different shapes, sizes with different diets and lifestyles as a whole, as a result, water intake varies differently.


5- Reconsider your measuring unit for water intake as your own bodily thirst. Other evident reasons such as chapped lips, dry skin, indifferent urine color are signs of low water intake. Drink water as soon as you feel thirsty and stop once you are satisfied.


 What is the suggested Water Intake for different body types?

Water Intake is centred around multiple parameters such as age, physical activity, diet, stress level, herbal food supplements and much more. People with Pitta body type, are warm and usually thirsties of them all. Vata types are usually constipated and have dry skin, so they usually need to drink more water. However the watery Kapha body type ranges somewhere less thirsty than Pitta body type.


What are the benefits of drinking water?


  • Achieve full concentration,  consciousness and restore overall energy to stay lively.
  • Detoxification aids in weight loss, skin tightening and an achievable overall facial youthful glow. 
  • Bid adieu to dry, flaky and rough skin to retain moisture.
  • Detoxification for cleansing of digestive tract.
  • Evade chances of formation of Kidney stone by frequent detoxification through urine.
  • Boost your immunity and stay energized to keep diseases and ailments at bay.
  • Get rid of constipation
  • Say goodbye to headaches, even migraines
  • Stay flexible and lubricated for your muscles and joints.
  • Keep depression, stress, anxiety at bay.

In entirety, understand and respect hydration needs for your body. Stop ignoring signs of dehydration and consider drinking water as the purest form of medicine to keep diseases and ailments at bay.  


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