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The Green Path to Wellness: Sustainably Sourced Nutrition

In today’s fast-paced world, the importance of sustainable living and making conscious choices towards a healthier life is more significant than ever. It is through our food choices that we can have a tremendous impact on both our health and the environment. 


Sustainably sourced nutrition refers to the practice of selecting and consuming food and dietary products that are obtained, produced, or harvested in a manner that minimizes adverse environmental impacts, supports ethical and responsible farming practices, and ensures the long-term well-being of ecosystems and communities.


The most popular example of this is veganism. It is a conscious lifestyle choice characterized by the complete avoidance of all animal-derived products, including meat and dairy. It is underpinned by ethical, environmental and health principles, advocating for a plant-based diet and a commitment to a cruelty-free way of life. As the world becomes more acquainted with the concept of sustainably sourced nutrition, a growing number of individuals are embracing and advocating for veganism. November 1st has been designated as World Vegan Day to promote a vegan lifestyle. Initially, veganism was limited to one’s dietary preferences, but it has now blossomed into a comprehensive commitment to eliminating cruelty towards animals in all aspects of life. This growth is attributed to the clear advantages of sustainably sourced nutrition for the individual’s health and the planet.


Advantages of Sustainably Sourced Nutrition:


  • Environmental Benefits: Choosing nutrition from sustainable sources helps decrease the environmental impact of our food. It encourages responsible farming practices to mitigate harm to ecosystems and biodiversity and preserve valuable natural resources. Opting for organic, responsibly and locally grown ingredients results in a substantial reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and the enhancement of overall ecosystem health.
  • Improved Nutrient Density: Sustainable food tends to be fresher and more nutrient-dense. Dharana at Shillim completely abstains from processed and chemically treated products, which allows nourishment of the body with a full spectrum of vitamins and minerals. This not only supports overall health but also contributes to better mood and energy levels.
  • Reduced Health Risks: Sustainably sourced nutrition, which excludes the use of harmful pesticides, antibiotics, and genetically modified organisms, mitigates health risks. These risks can range from acute health issues like nausea, migraines, and weakened immunity to more serious and chronic problems. The academic journal ‘Emerging Contaminants’ in 2021 states the chronic issues include neurological disorders, reproductive issues, respiratory and organ failure. Our guests can savor food that is devoid of detrimental chemicals, a key factor in maintaining overall well-being.
  • Relationship with Nature: Eating sustainably sourced food allows a deeper connection to nature and the seasons. By consuming food that is in harmony with the environment, our guests can attune themselves to the natural rhythms of the area where our retreat is located. This can lead to a greater sense of well-being and harmony.


Dharana at Shillim creates a sustainable diet focused on your health. The chefs at the retreat’s various restaurants serve sustainably sourced exotic preparations, local cuisines, and organic twists on classics. Your Wellness Journey at Dharana with an in-depth assessment, including a nutrition questionnaire and non-invasive tests, which help us create a tailored diet plan that best fits your needs. 

Dharana achieves this by :


  • Local Sourcing: The organic and fresh ingredients in all our restaurants are sustainably sourced from our organic farm to provide you with the highest quality of nutrition while keeping with our objective of environmental conservation
  • Interactive Activities: To enable you to uphold the Dharana Food Philosophy even after your stay, we offer the Shillim Cooking School and Farm. Each person encounters an authentically inspiring cooking session, whether it’s harvesting fresh produce from our organic farm or crafting a menu centered around seasonal ingredients.
  • Customized Diet Plans: Each body is different and has varying nutritional needs. 
  • With the guidance of our in-house expert nutritionist, we can develop individualized diet plans that cater to each person’s specific needs, facilitating a healthier and more fulfilling life.


Visit Dharana at Shillim and open yourself to new experiences and a new lifestyle with #YourFormOfWellness; one that focuses on a better, more sustainable, healthier, and happier life.