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The Power of Nature: Harnessing Natural Energy for Wellness

Observed annually on December 14th, World Energy Conservation Day emphasizes the need for global energy conservation and sustainable practices. It encourages individuals and organizations to reflect on their energy consumption patterns and take steps towards sustainable energy production. It stands as a reminder for all of us to practise energy conservation methods throughout the year and is an opportunity to bring the conversation of energy conservation into the spotlight. Dharana at Shillim is a wellness destination committed to sustainability, conservation, and responsible living.


Located near Mumbai and Pune in the ecologically rich Shillim Valley, Dharana conducts many practices that conserve energy and use alternative and sustainable energy sources.


Rainwater Harvesting

Dharana practices rainwater harvesting in the monsoon to provide a sustainable water supply for up to four months each year.


Solar Farm
With a 500 KW solar panel farm on-site, 80% of the retreat’s power requirements are met by solar energy which reduces the dependency on fossil fuels


Flow Control Devices and Aerator Faucets

All guest villas are equipped with flow control devices and aerator faucets to help conserve water 


Energy-Efficient Technologies

Dharana’s commitment extends to 100% energy-efficient light fittings and VRV air-conditioning technology. Energy-efficient heat pumps are utilized for hot water using atmospheric heat when it’s required


LPG Fired Steam Generators

LPG-fired steam generators are used in laundry and spa areas as LPG is a highly efficient fuel and does not waste more fuel than needed


On-Site Organic Waste Composter (OWC)

Dharana converts all organic waste from the resort’s kitchen into nutrient-rich manure which is used in the retreat’s landscaping activities.


Waste Management

Dharana has a robust waste management system which reduces the volume of waste and disposes it in an environmentally friendly way


Sustainable Culinary Practices

Dharana promotes sustainability in its kitchens by limiting processed foods and sourcing sustainably, chemical-free ingredients from the Shillim Farm


As we celebrate World Energy Conservation Day, let’s take individualistic steps towards sustainability not just as a concept but as a way of life. Inspired by Dharana’s eco-conscious practices, consider implementing mindful water conservation, energy-efficient lighting and reducing the dependency on fossil fuels. Incorporate eco-conscious practices like  planting trees in your neighbourhood, or participating in local conservation efforts in your daily routine.


Be our guest at Dharana and collectively contribute to the conservation of our planet for generations to come. Happy World Energy Conservation Day!


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