Nutrition & Dietetics

The Dharana Food Philosophy was designed with today’s health-conscious consumers in mind to enrich their delight in organic ingredients, cooking and healthy eating; And what better way to satisfy the body’s long-term need for energy than to provide it with a tasty diet of top-quality, easily-digestible food. At Dharana, your nutrition & dietetics is assessed using a variety of tools including: complete nutritional and family history questionnaire, biometric measurements, a nutrition-focused physical examination for signs and symptoms of nutrient deficiencies, and measurement of body composition, hydration and cellular health status.



Dharana Cuisine includes all the elements achieved by modern food research and all the lessons learned from nutritional philosophies in collaboration with reputed institutions from across the globe. Our food philosophy has its firm roots in age old Ayurveda traditions; the menus are inspired by fresh, seasonal produce and the slow cooking technique stresses on preserving natural flavours of the food, working with ingredients known for their curative and nourishing benefits.