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A sanctuary for body, mind and spirit.



The de Souza brothers grew up visiting the Western Ghats, and from an early age understood the beauty and bounty of the region. Their interest in conservation and education led them to acquire 2,500-acres of mountainous range land, farm fields, and dense forest. In order to determine how best to conserve, restore, and develop the land, they brought together a team designers, engineers, horticulturalists, and ecologists to help design an ecological retreat.

The planning and design went against retreat conventions at the time, dispersing the program through roughly 350 acres rather than ganging program to economize on services. The team chose distinct existing landscapes in which to site the suites and villas, the Wellness Centre, the club, the Institute, the equestrian centre, and the spiritual retreat. The architecture of each grew out of the specific landscape, from forest to village to farm field. The team revegetated the slopes, cutting thousands of meters of contour trenches to recharge groundwater and cultivate new grasslands, shrub land and forest. A nursery was added in 2003, to provide new plantings for the retreat, as well as additional income from sales; the nursery has grown over 100,000 plants. Organic farming practices were established in 2004.




The power of nature is a significant part of the Dharana Journey.

Set in the majestic Sahyadris and nestled in an unspoiled sylvan setting of sprawling nature and forested valley, Dharana at Shillim is a one-of-its-kind Eco-wellness retreat offering a sanctuary for the body, mind and spirit. The Eco-wellness retreat will not only leave you breathless with its picturesque wilderness but aids in redefining lifestyles through ancient healing practices with the best of international sojourn experiences.

The retreat’s mission “To Conserve. To Sustain. To Heal.” permeates every experience at the property. It combines holistic practices and a comfortable retreat atmosphere in a sublime wilderness setting. Our commitment to respecting the harmonious bio-diversity of the Shillim landscape is paramount. The objective is to create a pristinely reflective environment in which to integrate the essential philosophical, spiritual and artistic wisdom of past civilizations with contemporary life enhancing practices and knowledge. The Eco-Wellness Retreat beckons you to listen to the chirp and chatter of birds, embrace nature, behold the mighty Sahyadris, get inspired, and lose yourself, before you find yourself.

A sanctuary for body, mind and spirit.

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