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Engage with the Dharana Way of Life

Discover a sanctuary where the symphony of holistic wellness, engaging learning, and nature harmoniously intertwines, offering a unique 2-night experience for individuals and families to bond and begin their well-being journey. Explore a world-class wellness retreat with personalised and family wellness programs designed to promote bonding, relaxation, and learning for all ages.

Open to Families and Individuals

Wellness at Dharana*

Personalised Consultation with a Wellness Specialist

Understand your body and its unique requirements with a specialist-led Body Composition Analysis.

Dharana Therapeutic Experience

Indulge and rejuvenate with Dharana’s wellness therapies and treatments.

Activities at Dharana**

In line with our dedication to wellness, we provide an immersive mind-body adventure that encompasses movement, art, and mindfulness. This includes a range of activities, such as art and craft workshops, breathwork sessions involving meditation, family-bonding hikes, cooking classes for mindful eating, as well as skill development in Archery, Navigation and Orientation, and tent pitching. Children also have the opportunity to interact with others, fostering social skills and teamwork.


Experience a guided yoga class to understand simple yet effective poses and breathing exercises to implement in your daily life

Shillim Experiences

Engage with the wonder of the Shillim Valley on a guided Conservation Hike, Shinrin Yoku, Bird Watching, and more.

Family Cooking Class

Participate in a healthy cooking session that helps you and your family prepare a nutritious meal, while also understanding the importance of a healthy diet.

Art and Craft Workshop

Inspire imagination and engage young minds through the exploration of Pottery, Block Printing, and Origami fostering creativity and self-expression.

Detailed Inclusions

  • Luxury Accommodation
  • Nourishing breakfast at Terrazzo
  • Shillim Experiences - Conservation hike with a naturalist, Stream Walk, Shinrin Yoku (Forest Bathing), Trek to Shillim Peak, Bird Watching.
  • Interactive Art and Craft Workshops.
  • Family Cooking Class
  • Body Composition Analysis consultation with the wellness specialist.
  • One Dharana Therapeutic Experience, select 1 Therapy out of Superstrech, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Ultrasound Therapy for Chronic Pain Management, Gait Analysis OR Meditation for Insomnia or Stress as per the specialist's advise.
    • Duration: 1 Hour
  • Therapeutic Iyengar Yoga / Pranayama Meditation session for adults

* Compulsory prior appointment required for therapies and consultation.

** Prior reservation for activities recommended



“Let me begin with the leader Mr Ratnesh Kini no team can go wrong. An epitome of fine skills in hospitality and understanding Mr. Kini ensured that we had a memorable stay and a holiday to remember. His team assisted us in choosing the right activities and of course the food from a variety of choices available. “


“Excellent Property, great Food, great Prompt Service. The check-in was very smooth and the Mountain Bar and Bristo Pool and View was Very Good The receptionist Ngambi Was Great Supportive Very helpful. Thank You”


“Serene experience. I visited Dharana Shillim for a leisure getaway from Ahmedabad. Here I booked the ayurvedic consultancy from Dr Milind for my extreme migraine and acidity issues. The session really helped me in finding out my internal problems. The Tibetan bowl meditation was also an amazing experience for me. It gave me a sense of calm after attending it.”

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    Set in the pristine Sahyadris, the Shillim Valley enjoys a cool and pleasant climate. Intermittent Rainfall is common in the monsoon months (July to September), while temperatures drop to 16-degree Celsius (60- Fahrenheit) in the winter. The provided retreat wear is warm, comfortable and suitable for this climate.
    For booking and reservation, you can reach out to the dedicated team at 0124-4344344 or .
    Transfers can be arranged from Mumbai and Pune upon request. Please reach out to the reservations team for more information.
    The Dharana Retreat is accessible by a comfortable and scenic road, with precise directions provided on the reservation. The retreat is a 3-hour journey from Mumbai and a 2-hour journey from Pune.
    To fully embrace the wellness experience, we recommend booking a minimum of 2 nights. We currently do not offer the option for room-only reservations. This extended stay allows you to truly immerse yourself in the transformative benefits at Dharana Shillim.
    You can select one Dharana Therapeutic Experience from one of our exceptional offerings: Superstretch, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Ultrasound Therapy for Chronic Pain Management, Gait Analysis, or Meditation for Insomnia or Stress, as guided by our esteemed specialist's recommendation