Amazing benefits of yoga and why you need to start doing it now!

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In a world that runs on clocks and tight deadlines, we tend to put our health in a backseat due to crazy hectic work schedules. The work pressure and busy schedules leave us very little time for ourselves and we end up disconnected from within, disrupting the balance of emotional, physical, and mental wellbeing. Practicing yoga and meditation is crucial to be reconnected with your inner feelings, organize your thoughts, and practice a nutrient-dense diet for an overall healthier wellbeing. 


For centuries, yogis have been touting the mental and physical powers of yoga. Meditation, breathing exercises, and yoga not only help a great deal in staying in shape physically but also boost your mental fitness, improve sleep, strengthen heart health, promote quality sleep, busting stress, and more. One doesn’t need to be an expert to reap all the benefits – adding a few yoga asanas to your fitness regime can go a long way in supporting your health in unexpected ways. 


Here are a few interesting and amazing health benefits of yoga for you to start practicing right away if you haven’t yet! 


Get a good night’s sleep

The relaxation one feels post-yoga promotes quality and good sleep. In fact, gentle yoga post before bed and post waking up in the morning is recommended as a lifestyle change for people suffering from insomnia. 


Boosts emotional health and relieves stress

There’s no debate about whether exercising and working out boosts energy and mood and yoga is no exception. Yoga has the power to yield emotional health benefits as it’s an exercise that works for both your mind and body. 


Cure chronic back pain

The sedentary lifestyle leaves us glued to our seats and screens for extended hours. Hence, practicing yoga asanas that ease your back pain helps in improving your flexibility and adds movement to your body along with giving muscular strength. 


Eases arthritis pain 

Gentle yoga movements can help a great deal in easing the discomfort caused by swollen joints. Making a few lifestyle changes and practicing certain yoga asanas to combat arthritis pain is ideal to maintain good joint health

Dharana at Shillim, a holistic eco wellness retreat integrates rejuvenating, healing, and therapeutic programmes for the overall cleansing of your mind, body, and spirit. The Dharana way of life aims at achieving a balanced mind, calm soul, and fit body to lead to a healthy lifestyle. Not just like a physical workout, but yoga should be looked at as a spiritual pathway of sustainable life. This dynamic change is a transformational path towards self-actualization and the practice of elevating oneself into a spiritual perspective.