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Conflict Resolution with the help of Emotional Intelligence

Stress is an inevitable part of life. No matter your age, gender, profession or status, everyone experiences stress and its negative effects. Stress stems from worry, dilemma, anxiety and majorly from conflict. Everyone has a different way of dealing with stress which may or may not be good for the body and mind. Alcoholism, anxiety attacks, permanent physical ailments, poor relationships are the long-term effects of stress. Since, conflict affects everyone, its mannerly resolution can plummet stress. Conflict essentially arises due to a difference of opinion that escalates negatively. The escalation can occur to a higher degree leaving both parties feeling hurt, frightened, dejected, resentful and even humiliated. Conflicts arise at workplace, relationships and even within oneself. Emotional intelligence is a resilient approach to resolve such conflicts and the results are simply liberating.

A path of undertaking a judgement free discourse to abate stress can help you align to your best self. Adapting to emotional intelligence helps you distinguish your emotions and conducting inter-personal relationships based on these emotions whilst discerning different perspectives. This elevates an individual’s understanding which enables them to perceive others and adapt to different situations. Self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and relationship management are the fundamental pillars of emotional intelligence. Self- awareness requires self-study, a sharp insight into your behaviour, reactions and emotional responses. Self-Management entails understanding and modifying your emotional responses. Social Awareness as the name suggests is considered as being aware of yourself and your surroundings. However, heightening your emotional intelligence can be quite a task. Dharana Wellness is one of the leading holistic retreat centres in India that offers Conflict Resolution in its programmes.

There is a plethora of conflicts that assail different areas of our life. It is crucial to identify the reasons for every conflict as that is its foundation. Conflicts are often incepted due to a power struggle, weak communication, emotional triggers and past emotional trauma. A brief method to resolve conflicts using emotional intelligence include:

Understanding Perceptions:

The first step towards resolving conflicts would be to generate empathy. An easy understanding can be achieved between parties if they are empathetic to each other. Visualizing each other’s perceptions can shift the conversation.

Emotional Trigger Management:

The emotional responses that we generate in a conflict can decide the direction of a conflict. If one learns to identify these triggers like anger, anxiety, stonewalling or even violence then they can be kept at bay by replacing them with calm or rationality.

Monitoring your State:

During a conflict, one’s state of mind needs to be open. If one falls prey to emotional triggers, this can lead away from resolving a conflict and push people apart. It will take time and practice to maintain an open, healthy and constructive mind during conflict resolution.

Reframing your Approach:

This is a combined approach that adopts empathy and continuous monitoring. It is a cognitive process that involves a complete shift of your frame of reference. The idea is not to think of the other person as an enemy but as a teammate.

Emotional Intelligence can be a holistic approach to resolve conflicts. This can be an activity that is applicable in all areas of life like workspace, personal relationships and even for oneself. However, a complete grasp on this can be achieved with the help of expert entities like Dharana Wellness. Many corporate teams, families and individuals have benefitted from the dharana holistic programs that focus on conflict resolution and overall holistic wellness. Conflicts can never be completely erased; they can only be resolved. The key is to do so mindfully, without hurting yourself or the other person. Everyone is on a different journey, how we assist each other will only help us grow.

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