COVID-19: Boosting Your Immunity with Yoga and Ayurveda

Dharana Wellness Retreat near Mumbai & Pune, India

“Prevention is better than cure”

Our planet is currently facing a global epidemic with the threat of the Coronavirus disease. With the epicentre in China, the fast-spreading virus has spread to over a dozen countries in the last month, including India. While there are many means of safeguarding measures being propagated to control the spread of the virus, one of the most important factors in protecting yourself from Coronavirus and other such epidemics is to boost your immunity and maintain optimum health.

Dharana Wellness Centre, an eco-wellness retreat located in the Western Ghats near Mumbai, has a core philosophy embedded in Healing, Sustainability and Conservation. By offering a wide variety of holistic wellness programmes that use traditional methods like Ayurveda, Naturopathy and Yoga, they focus towards prevention, rather than curation of diseases.

How do we strengthen our immunity? Diet plays a major role in regard to our immune system; whose job is to protect our body from foreign invaders. If our immune system is compromised, it makes our body susceptible to cases of flu, colds and other diseases. The key to a strong immune system is a balanced pH level, (the amount of oxygen your blood can absorb after food is digested) which can be achieved by including alkaline foods the daily diet, practising Yoga and following Ayurvedic principles.

Dharana Wellness Centre practices a perfect balance of Yogic practices, Food philosophies, Yoga and Ayurveda that are created in order to bolster a strong immune system, thereby making you less susceptible to any global outbreak or illness. The Shillim Cooking School has adopted a sustainable farm-to-table philosophy; guests can directly hand-pick quality, seasonal produce from the organic farm to include in their meals and additionally sign up for Cooking classes that demonstrate slow-cooking techniques to preserve nourishing benefits of all produce. The Yogashala is a dedicated healing space for guests to practise mindfulness through Yoga, Meditation and Pranayama and indulge in therapeutic massages and medical consultations. Each programme at Dharana effectively combines a Nutrition philosophy that believes in organic, farm-to-table cuisine, with Exercise Physiology that helps you understand your unique biological makeup and creates a programme best suited to boost your immune system.

A sanctuary for the mind, body and soul; Dharana provides a sustainable way to wellness. Guests can take home expert guidance and advice about nutrition, fitness & holistic living, are all designed to help you live a healthy, calm and balanced life in today’s world.