Is Farm to Table Philosophy here to stay?

Dharana Wellness Retreat near Mumbai & Pune, India

It is very commonly said that “You are what you eat.” Our bodily constitution and mental atmosphere are determined according to what we consume.” An unhealthy diet has multiple drawbacks on the mental and physical state of an individual. Dharan is an eco-wellness retreat and holistic healing centre nestled in the lush woodlands of Sahyadri. The Green Table Restaurant at Dharana, helmed by executive chef Subhendu Kadam, abides by the Farm-to-Table philosophy. This organic cuisine philosophy was an optimal trend in pre-independent India. But after the gradual growth of trade and globalization, importing vegetables and fruits for cooking became a dominant trend. But lately, the farm to table philosophy has made its return into the modern era due to the rise in side effects of preservatives and chemicals.  Largely known as the farm to fork concept, this technique consists of supplying ingredients to cookeries and household kitchens directly from the farm.

When cookeries source their fruits and vegetables through direct acquisition from the farmer, they are able to retain the authentic taste of these ingredients. These fruits and vegetables are fresh from the field and are served within hours of being harvested. In such a way they retain the mineral composition and are healthier to consume. At the Shillim Cooking School, guests are encouraged to hand pick fresh produce from their organic farms and get interesting insights into sustainable farming and healthy eating. Organic food consumption has increased and subsequently, the farm to fork philosophy is here to stay.

After scrutinizing the quality of exported food, you observe that these are bland and less nutritious as compared to the ones that come fresh from the farm.  Preservatives used in the packaging to fruits, vegetables, and meat hamper the heath of a person drastically. Sulphite is the most common preservative used on a large-scale. This preservative can cause headaches, palpitation, allergies, and cancer. Preservatives used in the packaging of meat can lead to asthma, skin rashes and stomach cancer. People consume a diverse range of food with multiple ingredients in them. Furthermore, this process eliminates the work of mediators and boosts the economy while making sure that farmers attain their deserved profits. And thus, to figure out which substance is causing a problem, individuals must go through the elimination diet. The farm to table process does not add preservatives and other artificial colours or chemicals to ripen the ingredients and hence it is a wiser, healthier choice in the two.

The Farm to Table philosophy boosts the local economy and provides a healthier diet and thus, must be adopted on a wider range.  The Shillim Cooking School and farm of Dharana eco-wellness retreat has religiously implemented this philosophy and offers a variety of therapies and treatments for a healthier lifestyle.