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Explore the Beauty of Shillim on Your Wellness Journey from Lonavala

Welcome to Shillim Valley, a diverse ecological hotspot that is renowned for its scenic beauty and diverse flora and fauna. The lush Shillim Forests remain protected and thriving, serving as a haven for numerous migratory bird species. Along with the natural beauty, the valley boasts a wealth of historical landmarks, points of interest, and cultural heritage sites that are frequently overlooked. If you’re embarking on a wellness journey in Shillim, make sure to check out these five must-visit locations!

Simplicity and togetherness best describe life in the peaceful Shillimb Village. This is a community of paddy, wheat, and vegetable farmers who utilize the gifts of the valley to sustain themselves! The Dharana Wellness Retreat emphasizes visits to the village, making the understanding and experience of this life an effective antithesis to urban living. As a hub to the entire valley, the Shillimb Village is home to around 800 people.

As a Spiritual Retreat in India, excursions to the Wageshwar Temple are highly recommended! Estimated to have been built 6-7 centuries ago, the temple continues to survive natural elements, standing as a monument to historical architecture. A temple to Lord Shiva, its location results in it being submerged for the majority of the year. This interesting factor makes the Wageshwar Temple one of the Best Places to Visit Near Pawna Lake, especially in the summer months. 

  • Tikona Fort

This 16th Century Fort is not only an interesting looking glass into the empires of before but also an invigorating trek! The climb from the base of this triangular hill to the top takes about 2 hours and is complete with a trail and scenic views as you ascend. At the top, the ruins of the fort lean into a time when the valley was held as an important strategic location. 

  • Bedse Caves

Dating back to the 1st century BCE, these ancient caves are one of the most interesting Places to Visit Near Lonavala. Offering stunning views of the surrounding Hills and Valleys, these caves were used extensively by Buddhist Monks, as indicated by the intricate carvings and sculptures that depict scenes from the life of Buddha and other Buddhist deities. The Buddhist way of living can be identified with how the caves are structured. One half of the cave houses a large prayer house, while the other half has multiple smaller areas for private study and meditation. 

Formed artificially as a reservoir of the Pawna Dam, this lake has become an essential part of the valley, its functioning, and its ecosystem. A modern classic, Pawna Lake is a stop for many when considering the Places to Visit Near Lonavala. Due to the size of the lake, there are calm, serene, and undisturbed waters to be found almost anywhere. Water is tied closely to health, wellness, and peace, something channeled within the lake’s deep blue waters…

These locations can all be experienced during your stay at the Dharana Wellness Retreat near Mumbai. A sanctuary for the body, mind, and spirit, the retreat invites you to explore your current relationship with Wellness. The experts at the Dharana Wellness Retreat offer a range of holistic programs tailored to your specific goals. With their guidance, you can unlock your full potential in terms of mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. To book a programme, click this link.