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A ‘Fluid’ approach to Wellness

The magnificent Western Ghats are at their peak in Monsoons. These months create a rare, vibrantly green aesthetic, almost as a harsh counter to Urban Grey. This, of course, is due to the heavy yet nourishing rain curing the landscape after almost 3 months of summer. The repeating natural cycle supports the fact that water holds an important role in generating a positive Wellness Effect. 


Water is an absolute building block of life, it’s the very core of human existence, directly and indirectly. Why is it then that the same is squandered and taken for granted? Water is able to achieve amazing positive effects, so much so that it holds a significant part within the Dharana Wellness Retreat 


As a leading Eco Wellness Retreat in India, we take great efforts in ensuring that Water receives the respect it deserves. The entire retreat’s water requirements are supplied by Rainwater and Groundwater Harvesting. Additional measures in efficient usage also helps in conservation efforts.


Dharana’s approach to Physical and Mental Wellbeing expands further than the conventional therapies and massages. As such, we have identified various ways within our Wellness Retreat in which this simple element plays a major part.



The monsoon months are the perfect time to embark on a Wellness Retreat, they allow the experience of a seasonal favourite activity – Stream Walking!


Shillim’s Geographical Features make it such that multiple streams develop all over the region. These streams are shallow enough to comfortably walk in, yet strong enough to pose as an exercise. This unique trekking activity serves as an amazing start to a new day, in the Fresh Shillim air. 



Many Wellness Retreats near Mumbai propound Yoga’s multitude of benefits and positive impact. It’s truly come to become a de-facto form of exercise for many. However, the challenge can be stepped up a notch.


Aqua Yoga involves performing asanas partially immersed in water. The resistance provided builds up to be an effective form of exercise, a sort of reinvention of a classic. 


While typically a go-to for Physical Rehabilitation, Aqua Yoga is gradually being picked up across Wellness Centres. At the Dharana Wellness Retreat, our experts provide effective guidance and fine-tune an Aqua Yoga Experience in a spectacular infinity pool!



Swimming is an instant classic not only in terms of a Wellness Retreat but also in leisure. This activity provides cardiovascular exercise, strengthening lungs and breathing. 


We’ve made this activity far more accessible. The luxurious villas at Dharana Wellness Retreat come with private pools, specifically designed with convenience in mind. 


It’s an especially charming experience when it rains, only adding to the relaxation effect!

Water proves that a fluid philosophy is adaptive and open to change. This is the mindset we hope to develop during your stay at Dharana! Reserve using this link.