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The Need to Relax and Slow Down.

Is it actually okay to constantly be doing something? Is the only good day considered to be the one which is completely and in every sense of the word, spent? Has hustling truly become yet another word to describe productivity?


The demands that modern urban life exerts on a single individual are drastically more than ever when compared to the past. Now, a typical person is seen juggling multiple factors and variables at all times. Not that they can be blamed for it, this is simply what is required to stay relevant.


The psychological impact that such a lifestyle has is adverse, to say the least. Constant activity, pressure to keep hustling and stress only culminate into a breaking point, burnout, beyond which ‘productive’ activity is ceased no matter how much an individual tries. 


This is not a case of relaxation ever being attempted. It’s a case of the mind being conditioned to always be doing something or the other.


Now is a good time unlike any other to slow down and systematically reduce the stressors having an impact. As one of the Best Wellness Retreats in India for perfect relaxation, Dharana and its Wellness Centre have developed diverse yet fine-tuned programmes to promote a Wellness Focused Lifestyle while building a mindset that’s far more open to the occasional mental health break.



This Wellness Retreat aims to positively impact individuals at every level, that being mind, body and soul. A programme that focuses on de-stressing and attaining mindful sleep, MINBOS’ approach helps develop a preventative mindset, a position in which measures against stress are actioned before it takes hold.


With the minimum stay recommended to be 5 nights, this Wellness Retreat at Dharana can behave as an effective stopper against stressors originating from stress arising from everyday ebb and flow.



Looking for some quick Wellness Retreats near Mumbai to visit with your loved one


Developed specifically for couples, the Me + You = We Wellness Retreat aims to reduce stress by channelling spiritual and self-love energies.


In just 3 nights, the Wellness Experts at Dharana can help you cultivate habits of Meditation, Yoga and Healthy Eating in you and your partner, essential to carry on De-stress during daily life.



If you find yourself approaching a point of burnout, it may be time to slow down and embark on a comprehensive Healing Holiday.


As a holistic and comprehensive Wellness Programme, this 14-day Wellness Retreat goes beyond any conventional approach, analysing stressors and their effects on a Cognitive, Biological and Spiritual level. 


During the stay, guidance is provided not only to correct habits that have a detrimental effect but also to develop practices that can be organically included as a part of any daily routine.


In trying to better themselves and the world, a typical individual has to go above and beyond. While this of course is commendable, modern mindsets should know that slowing down, relaxing and taking note of one’s self is an advisable activity. 

We’re one of the Best Wellness Retreats for Perfect Relaxation! Dharana at Shillim serves as the absolute best destination to inculcate the habit of de-stressing. Book your stay using this link today.