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Essentials for the Perfect Wellness Retreat

The concept of a Wellness Retreat in India has received momentum, especially in the post-pandemic era. The unfortunate global crisis drew many people’s attention to the things that truly matter in life. Relationships, Personal Time, Mental Health and of course, Wellness. 


However, the momentum that a Wellness Retreat garners must be maintained and nourished, lest one sub-par experience leaves a bitter taste. 


To this end, as one of the Best Wellness Retreats in India for Perfect Relaxation, we’ve compiled a list of essential amenities and features that your next Wellness Retreat needs. The presence of these factors confirms that your highly anticipated Wellness Retreat in India is as satisfying and fulfilling as you want it to be.



A health inspection informs you of what your Physical Body requires and currently lacks. It also highlights any key aspects that, with proper care, can be strengthened. However, even an extensive health evaluation conducted by a third-party doctor may not be enough, it can overlook the finer details.


At the Dharana Wellness Retreat, our in-house doctor and Wellness Consultant conduct an in-depth analysis, inculcating techniques such as Body Composition Analysis, Naddi Pareeksha, Iridology and many more. These analyses are fine-tuned with a specific Wellness Goal and Programme in mind.



It is essential that a Wellness Retreat in India is connected with the ancient roots of the country’s culinary heritage. Indian Cuisine plays host to numerous health and wellness-focused recipes. However, any efforts in healthy eating may fall flat if the source is unknown. 

Consumer grade produce serves the risk of being grown in an unsustainable and chemically risky manner, using these raw ingredients does more harm than good.


An in-house Organic Farm can be wondrous. It allows you to truly see how Fruits, Vegetables and Tea Leaves are grown and understand the journey they take before reaching your fork. Such a farm also gives control over the entire process, right from the very first seed to procurement. This approach continues in all our efforts as a Wellness Retreat, especially in the Farm To Fork philosophy!



To be the Best Wellness Retreat in India is to have the most Luxurious yet hospitable accommodation. Luxury, ironically, is not a luxury but a necessity. Spaces that are holistically designed inherently promote a higher, spiritual level of wellness. They also play backdrop to any occasion and event. No matter how effective any wellness routine is, it won’t matter unless you come home to an aesthetically pleasing environment.


The Dharana Wellness Retreat has Villas that are the perfect accompaniment to any Wellness Journey. Each Villa features a contemporary yet minimalistic design, the private pool is just the beginning…

Does your wellness retreat in India have these essentials? If not, a course correction may be necessary. The Dharana Retreat has these key factors and more. The beautiful Shillim peaks can play the perfect backdrop to your Wellness Journey. Book your stay with us by clicking this link!