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Importance of mental health and emotional wellbeing

Mental health; a topic that is so sensitive and essential, yet it is not given the attention and importance it deserves. Not all wounds are visible but all wounds can be felt. Mental illness is one of the health issues which is not frequently addressed and something that can’t be seen but felt strongly- and if ignored is harmful to your overall health too!


In the fast-paced world, habits, lifestyle choices, the standard of living, etc. have changed largely with time. These changes have trickled down and affected us in ways causing issues like stress, anxiety, depression; which have become a standard. Our mental health is directly connected with our emotional well-being as it affects every element in our lives; be it relationships or even our performance at work. Hence, it is crucial to improve the overall mental outlook to be at peace emotionally. 

Here are a few ways to keep yourself mentally healthy and develop a positive vision- and this can be done all by yourself without taking much time or effort!


  • Mind your body

Your body is a cluster of organs that requires the right amount of nutrients, a healthy diet, and some exercise that contributes to improving mental health capacity and longevity. A well-balanced and nutrient-dense diet, consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables, quick workouts, yoga, low sugar intake, etc. are a few ways you can maintain good physical health. Dharana Wellness Centre’s new programme – Dharana Resilience Retreat: Resetting your Mental Health focuses on mindful thinking, encourages healthy eating habits, thus embarking on a path to optimal stress relief. The program is designed to help you manage responses to the external world, help you embrace and cultivate a resilient mindset even after the completion of the program.


  • Develop a positive mindset 

We often find ourselves being caught up in negative thinking without even realizing it. Address and accept the emotions you are experiencing and find a way to embrace them and eventually develop an understanding that nothing lasts forever; not even the bad times. Think of the times when you were happy or about the things you are grateful for. Basically, practice gratitude for even the smallest things


  • Good Social Connectivity

Associate with people who make you feel good about yourself and motivate and encourage you to be better at each step. Stay connected with positive people with whom you can share your feelings and thoughts 


  • Keep moving! 

Physical activity releases endorphins; happy hormones. These powerful chemicals work towards uplifting your mood, boost energy; relieve stress, promote better sleep, and improve self-esteem. Make them a part of your routine and let those hormones do the magic! One of the best ways of rejuvenating yourself and improving your mental health is a spa and wellness treatment. You can experience the benefits of personalized health and fitness programs at Dharana Wellness Centre.


  • Do what makes you happy! 

Listening to music, dancing, playing a musical instrument, taking a walk by yourself, playing with your pets, reading, socializing, volunteering, and sharing a laugh with friends; can be anything! Identify the things that bring you happiness and do more of it! Practicing self-care and acknowledging the relationship we have with ourselves, will help in maintaining a healthy mental and physical balance. 


Good Mental Health allows one to prosper, develop an optimistic vision and enjoy life. Keeping healthy vibes and a positive mindset is the first step towards healing and improving mental health and overall emotional state.