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This World Food Day understand the Significance, and how one can contribute

Since the pandemic hit us, it has made us pause, relook, re-think and reconsider our eating habits. The need to consume a nutrient-dense diet is of utmost importance that not only has immunity-boosting properties but also gives the right nutrition. The current COVID-19 health crisis has been an eye-opener in a way, leading us to be mindful of what we eat and how we maintain our health.


World Food Day is an annual celebration on 16 October to mark the initiation of a global movement of hunger eradication. It is an annual celebration of the founding of the Food and Agriculture Organization launched by the United Nations in the year 1945. The theme of this year’s World Food Day is “Our Actions Are Our Future Healthy Diets for A #ZeroHunger World.” The aim of commemorating the day is to spread awareness about the global hunger crisis and that the right to hygienic, safe, and nutritious food is one of the most basic necessities for every human being across the globe. 


A healthy diet meets the needs of the body by providing the right kind and amount of nutrition. A balanced diet boosts your health, reduces the risk of disease, helps in leading a healthy life and keeps our body healthy and strong. A combination of healthy food and exercising is crucial to maintain the right balance. One should include superfoods like berries, nuts, broccoli, eggs, avocados, flax seeds, eggs, oats, etc. in their diet for a power and nutrient-packed meal that is rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. 


As World Food Day is observed to fight global hunger by ensuring minimal food wastage, we can take action on certain sustainable kitchen practices that enable optimum utilization of resources with minimum food wastage. Growing vegetables at home or in the mini garden, minimizing kitchen waste in terms of using the peels of fruits and vegetables in generating compost that will help enrich the soil for gardening purposes, switching off the gas stove when not in use, making use of leftover food, switching from your regular mode of cooking to steaming or pressure cooking. etc. These simple practices can go a long way in making the world a more sustainable place- free from toxic items, wastage, and hunger.


The Dharana Food Philosophy is deep-rooted in the Ayurvedic approach to food that sets guidelines about what to eat, when to eat and how to eat, based on your Dosha.


Dharana Wellness Centre, a wellness retreat near Mumbai, focuses on holistic health which includes physical, mental and spiritual balance. One must visit  Dharana at Shillim, for a complete body, mind and spirit rejuvenation that is nutrition-conscious and helps you align to your best self.


One of the main pillars of this eco wellness retreat lies in the farm-to-table food philosophy, which encourages an organic approach to consuming food. Fresh produce is picked from the organic farm and is made with slow-cooking techniques. Dharana combines the modern approach with traditional practices like Ayurved and Yoga to ensure an overall sustainable wellness journey.