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Amplifying Yoga with Nature.

Yoga is one of the most popular and instantly recognisable activities within some of the Best Wellness Retreats in India. What began in ancient India has now taken over the world with an approachable and accessible philosophy of physical exercise. However, the conventional way to practice this art, in homes and urban environments, impedes its true scope. 


Daily Yoga comes with a multitude of benefits, of which you only derive about 50%. Why? This is because Yoga is meant to be practised in the open, in the lap of nature


At Dharana, Yoga is a significant aspect of our Wellness Retreat. In line with traditional practices, our Wellness Experts develop and teach specific Yoga Asanas that are fine-tuned to your body and requirements. Yoga at one of the best Wellness Retreats in India is performed as intended, within the fresh greenery of Shillim. 


Here are some of the salient benefits that a Yoga Retreat centred on Nature can get you.


  • Better Breathing


It’s an extremely well-known fact that trees and other varieties of plants and grasses are constantly providing the absolute freshest air. In a forest, this benefit is only compounded to provide an Oxygen-rich atmosphere. 


Yoga involves consistent, rhythmic breathing, taking in energizing air and giving out carbon. This activity is essential as a means of providing the body stamina and freshness, reinvigorating the bodily processes. 


The entire method is only amplified in nature due to the cool and fresh air provided at our Wellness Retreat.


  • Aesthetically Pleasing


Artistic and colour theory identifies Green with a certain calmness. It literally is identified as a premier ‘Cool Colour’. Green is ready on the eyes, reducing strain and allowing us to truly appreciate what’s in front. 


Yoga within forests, and especially atop significant peaks provide an experience unlike any other. 


This traditional art is not just aimed toward Physical Processes. It also serves a psychological function, improving mood on a chemical level. At the Dharana Wellness Retreat, beautiful and awe-inspiring sights only help elevate the entire Yoga experience. 


  • Shinrin-Yoku


Interestingly enough, a comparatively recent form of Japanese Wellness synergizes spectacularly with Traditional Indian Yoga. 


Shinrin-Yoku, translating literally to ‘Forest Bathing’, is immersing the self within an undisturbed natural environment. This Ecological Therapy is a collection of all prominent benefits of nature on the human being as a whole.


Shinrin-Yoku therapy begins inherently when compiled with practising Yogasanas within trees. It involves taking in the surroundings and noting the aspects of natural beauty surrounding you, enhancing mood and reducing distress.


Dharana at Shillim is the best Wellness Retreat near Mumbai in regards to experiencing the true essence of Yoga first-hand. The stunning Shillim Forest and Peaks, full of rare and protected plant and tree species, offer a wholly original and mindful approach to Yoga.

For a truly holistic and deep dive into the true meaning of this philosophy, our Experts have developed the ‘Dharana Yogic Life’ Wellness Retreat. This approach goes beyond postures, inculcating the full extent into daily life.