Sustainability and Dharana

Dharana Wellness Retreat near Mumbai & Pune, India

With the advent of modern technology, many conveniences were previously unimaginable. In this era of consumption, almost any and all needs can be instantly fulfilled with some kind of technological process. It is not only depleting natural resources but also causing serious side effects. 


As weather patterns change, the ozone layer is shrinking, polar ice caps are melting, and sea levels are rising. Climate change is impacting humanity at an alarming rate. If meaningful action is taken now, we may be able to prevent negative effects related to climate change. 


Being environmentally friendly is no longer a choice but a necessity. Recognising this, in 2015, the United Nations adopted “The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development” featuring several development goals.


These goals are a sort of Call To Action aimed at improving social and economical conditions with their core principle being to curb Climate Change.


It is also important to acknowledge the growing trend towards Carbon Neutrality. This practice involves offsetting unavoidable carbon emissions with a positive and sustainable act. 


A Wellness Getaway at Dharana behaves in a similar manner. Our sustainable practices compensate for any carbon emission that took place when travelling to the retreat. We empower individuals to truly ‘Travel with Purpose.’


As one of the Best Wellness Retreats in India, Dharana has taken a page out of the Development Goals’ book, implementing some of these goals within the retreat. Here are some of the ways we’re building a Sustainable Retreat at Shillim!


In the paper, ‘A Review on Clean Energy Solutions for Better Sustainability’ prominent sustainability researchers Ibrahim Dincer and Canan Acar, outlined that Clean Energy can effectively address almost all Global Energy requirements without having a negative impact on the environment. They further noted that Solar Energy can be utilised for any possible need.


The Dharana Wellness Retreat features a robust array of Solar Panels all throughout the property. This is capable of generating a significant amount of energy. The absence of obstructions far too common in the city allows these panels to take advantage of the complete day. Coupled with completely Energy Efficient Light Fittings, these panels now fulfil almost 80% of all electricity requirements. 


Throughout history, water has been identified as the most important natural resource. It is truly the building block of life as a whole. Water inherently sustains, therefore, it is almost ironic that the same resource is also the one taken for granted.

Water that flows away is gone, or at best, contaminated. Even then, purifying contaminated water is no less than an endeavour. 


Each year, the Western Ghats receive almost 4000mm of rain – that is a lot of pure water ready for use without impacting the environment. This is a phenomenon that the Dharana Wellness Retreat’s Rainwater Harvesting systems utilise to the fullest, however, that is not enough. 


Our Eco-Friendly Wellness Retreat features devices that control water consumption in each villa. Additionally, drip irrigation is utilised for Organic Farming and Landscaping. All of these efforts allow the Retreat to sustain itself solely on rainwater for months.


The turn towards complete Eco Friendliness has always been challenging. Large Scale efforts to curb emissions and implement alternatives are often reserved as a luxury, which developing areas cannot use no matter how much they desire. This dilemma is a part of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals as well. Being sustainable does not mean negatively impacting the masses.


This philosophy is important in our functioning as a Wellness Retreat near Mumbai. Our presence in beautiful Shillim has allowed for many positive impacts in the neighbouring villages. For instance, our kitchen is supported by various local farmers near the retreat. Our staff also undertakes Community and Social Work in these villages.


The most important aspect of all, we have conserved and grown the Shillim Forests, having planted more than 110,000 trees since 1999!

As the Best Wellness Retreat in India, we believe our focus on Sustainability and Environmentalism underscores the possibility of a truly green future as well as its attainability of it.

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