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Conserving the planet mindfully

The 21st century has ushered in an age of disconnect. The gadgets seem to be the only lifeline we possess. There is a clear disconnect between people, nature and also within ourselves. These closed-off choices have developed as we prefer to be by ourselves. Humans have always been social, the current trend of seclusion goes against our basic nature. This tendency has had an epoch making impact on our species and even the environment. There is an exponential rise in the deterioration of the environment thanks to pollution, depletion of natural resources and ever-growing global warming. Unless these things are roped in, we face an upcoming doom that could change life as we know.

The best course of action is to deal with these impending issues straight away. This will involve taking steps in all directions to conserve our planet. It is essential to remember that changes begin with self. Besides, if we want to take on changing the world, we need to be mindful with our practices. Simply put, mindfulness is a process of living in a state of constant consciousness. Once we practice mindfulness in every action that we take, things tend to move differently. There can be a gradual, cultural shift in the way we process everything, physically, mentally and emotionally. This change can be observed on a broader scale which can then affect the climate and put a stop to the current catastrophic developments. A safer, greener planet can be achieved if the masses are made aware of the practices that will conserve the planet. Green habits and organic living can take you so far, however, to bring in an elemental-habit revolution, we must begin work on ourselves first.

The ideal method would begin with establishing a connect with the Nature. Mindful Meditation would be a crucial part of this new regime to conserve the planet. Dharana at Shillim houses a conserve, sustain and heal sensibility that can be adapted for an everyday routine. Apart from offering the dharana holistic programs, it also offers a completely nature-immersed lifestyle. The activities, food and the programs here are deeply rooted in the eastern philosophy that advocates Dhyana(achieved after deep, centered meditation) organic eating and emotional well-being. Apart from being a holistic centre that leads a lifestyle revamp, Dharana at Shillim is also recognized as a meditation retreat near mumbai.

Mindfulness actually affects our fundamental reaction by rewiring our brain to be more accepting and change our responses towards crisis. This leads to easier adaptation of a new approach, less stress and more awareness amongst fellow beings that result in a much calmer world. A reduction in impulsive behaviour will be observed as cognitive flexibility will improve in individuals. Such groups of well-balanced individuals can move mountains and achieve a strong foundation for a better, greener future. This transformation led by mindfulness, meditation and deeper forms of contemplation can alter our world. Mindfulness has the capability to be a global phenomenon that can lead to a conservation-centric approach that will keep our planet healthy for the next century.

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