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Your Gateway to Optimal Wellbeing with Dharana at Shillim

Prioritising your wellbeing can be a challenge in busy city life. Being truly present in a natural and healing environment to make conscious lifestyle changes opens the gate on your journey to wellbeing.

Nestled in the lush greenery of the Shillim Forest, Dharana at Shillim,a  luxury wellbeing retreat seamlessly blends comfort with the serenity of nature. Just a 3 hour drive from Mumbai, stay in the Sahyadri Mountains of Maharashtra in stunning private villas while we provide holistic healing against various health risks. Through our commitment to sustainable practices and holistic healing; you reside in luxury, heal with nature, and savour delicious meals with  locally and sustainably- sourced ingredients. Dharana’s unique location within a UNESCO World Heritage Site and an ecological hotspot makes it an ideal destination for those seeking a harmonious blend of luxury and nature.

How does Dharana at Shillim restore wellbeing?

Dharana at Shillim’s approach to wellbeing utilises traditional Ayurvedic knowledge rooted in five key pathways: Preventive Medicine, Physical Restoration, Healing Nourishment, Emotional Balance, and Spiritual Harmony. These cover every aspect of your wellbeing and are used together in our personalised wellbeing programmes to restore health

The Dharana at Shillim wellbeing programmes :

  1. Essence of Wellbeing

This condensed yet immersive programme offers a taste of all five pathways, providing a balanced approach to wellness through invigorating personalised treatments, diet plans, and mindful learning programmes. We guide your every step towards the rejuvenation and relaxation you seek as you reconnect with nature on your transformative journey.

  1. Ayurvedic Panchakarma Programme

Focusing on holistic cleansing, detoxification and rejuvenation, we determine imbalances in your doshas through Ayurvedic analysis methods and provide bio-purification tailored to your specific needs. Through traditional treatments, we expel Ama (toxins,) enhance colon health and reignite agni (digestive fire) to restore balance.

  1. Dharana Art of Detox

Emphasising integration of diet and exercise on your gut health, we offer a cleanse through our Earth-to-table approach and invigorating learning programmes like guided yoga and nature walks. Improve your digestive system, gut health and immunity surrounded by nature.

  1. Dharana Sustainable Weight Management

After analysing the root cause of your concern, we aim to correct metabolic function and integrate healthy habits into your Dincharya (daily routine). Through learning programmes that help manage weight and improve mental wellbeing , we prioritise your nutrition and fitness for long term health management. Instead of exhaustive exercise and unhealthy diets, manage weight according to your goals and capabilities.

  1. Dharana Fitness Focus

Designed for achieving your optimum endurance and fitness levels, we improve muscle tone, joint mobility, strength and mental wellbeing. Learning programmes like aqua-aerobics, Treks to Shillim Peak and centering yoga incorporate exercise into your Dincharya.

  1. Dharana Rest & Revive

Learn stress relieving techniques that foster clarity, mental resilience and evoke deep rest. Manage anxiety and emotional balance through a comprehensive approach that focuses on all aspects of your wellbeing. Find rejuvenation and reduce insomnia in the relaxing natural environment at Dharana at Shillim.

  1. Dharana Mental Resilience Retreat

Focusing on mental and emotional resilience to evoke balance and clarity, manage stress, alleviate anxiety and depression by incorporating conflict resolution through mindfulness practices, introspection, and releasing emotional and physical blockages.

  1. Dharana Yogic Path

Rooted in traditional knowledge, this programme incorporates the 8 limbs of yoga and offers self discovery and spiritual wellbeing. Through Ayurvedic healing, evoke introspection and balance your doshas through holistic practices like Trataka, Shirodhara and Shinrin Yoku while we also prioritise your physical and mental health

  1. Dharana Age Rejuvenation

Look and feel younger by embracing a programme that leaves you feeling rejuvenated by slowing down the ageing process naturally and increasing your inner vitality, radiance and immunity. Optimise cellular regeneration and fortify your immune system through our holistic approach

  1. Dharana Immunity Rasayana Retreat

Eliminate harmful toxins and replenish immunity through personalised preventive medicine, customised diet plans and rejuvenation treatments that cleanse and heal the body to restore wellbeing . We fortify your immunity through healthy habits related to nutrition and conflict resolution.

  1. Dharana Holistic Healing

Individualise your wellbeing journey to directly address your specific health issues. From fatigue and migraines to thyroid issues and hypertension, we provide encompassing and personalised wellbeing treatments that match your concerns and balance doshas. Instead of aggressive changes, restore health through our holistic approach

Dharana at Shillim is your gateway to optimal wellbeing. With personalised programmes that incorporate five holistic pathways, experience an incredible blend of luxury and nature!