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Gifting the Perfect Man the Perfect Gift: Focusing on Men’s Health at Dharana at Shillim

Recognising the need for determined efforts to raise awareness about men’s health globally led to the observance of International Men’s Health Week in 2002. In its 30th year of observance, the day is gaining increasing visibility as men’s and boys’ health issues become serious.

Most recently, findings from a study in The Lancet highlight the alarming state of men’s health. The study pointed out that globally, men were disproportionately affected by COVID-19, road injuries and a range of diseases that led to premature death in 2021. This means that men were prone to serious diseases such as cardiovascular, respiratory and liver diseases in the said year.

Further, cancer, diabetes, depression, anxiety, suicide and reproductive and neurological health issues are adding to the seriousness of the problem. The causes range from lifestyle factors, work-related stress, the stigma associated with seeking mental health, lack of social support and network for men, societal and cultural norms and even general reluctance to seek medical help.

It is for these reasons that International Men’s Health Week is becoming popular and needs to grow in reach. The International Men’s Health Week leads to and culminates into Father’s Day. Interestingly, the timing of the week is perfect, as there is increased attention given to male family members during the ensuing holiday. To be observed from 10th June to 16th June this year, it is a time to urge the men in our lives to take charge of their wellbeing and make lifestyle changes to delay the onset of preventable diseases.

Father’s Day, falling on 16th June is an important day to honour a special person in our lives, viz, our father. The day honours their invaluable contribution that has influenced society. Besides providers of safety, security, and stability, fathers impart life lessons, instil values and guide us through difficult times.

However, as men tend to neglect their health, it is important to draw their attention to it.

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This wellbeing programme prioritises all-round health for the long term by guiding the wellbeing seeker to follow recommendations on holistic living, making them feel inspired and energised.

The programme includes assessment of the existing health condition through expert-guided tests, meditation and Pranayama, invigorating physical learning programmes, nutrient intake recommendations, and individualised wellbeing treatments.

While at the retreat, Dharana at Shillim ensures your stay during the long-stay programme at their luxurious villas and aids relaxation for healing. Meals at the weekend getaway near Pune are individualised to delight the senses while offering wholesome nourishment. The Green Table and the Tea House and Apothecary offer healing nourishment through clean eating, balanced dishes and apothecary blends and tea infusions to support health and wellbeing.

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