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Mastering Yoga for Your Wellness: Dharana at Shillim’s Holistic Approach

The ancient healing methods of yoga have been developed over centuries of learning and practice. The International Day of Yoga is the perfect opportunity to not only understand its healing benefits, but also understand the vital role it plays in replenishing your wellbeing at our holistic retreat.

In the tranquil escape of Dharana at Shillim, yoga is not just a practice; it’s a constant part of your journey to wellbeing. The name “Dharana” itself is rooted in yoga. It is the sixth limb of Asthanga Yoga and signifies deep concentration on an external object or internal focus. Through this focus, Dharana at Shillim, a luxury wellbeing retreat, prioritises your health with the Ayurvedic healing practices and the traditional knowledge of yoga to create a nurturing experience.

Yoga is frequently practised not only in India, but around the world for its various healing benefits. Through its mindful movement you can achieve :

  • Improved Flexibility and Strength : Regular yoga practice not only enhances physical flexibility but also builds muscle strength which helps balance and prevent injury.
  • Enhanced Cardiovascular Health : By understanding breath control, Yoga supports better breathing patterns, improves blood flow and balances metabolism, leading to increased energy levels and stamina.
  • Fosters Mental and Emotional Stability : Yoga encourages mindfulness and emotional balance, by cultivating focus you can reduce stress and develop clarity while improving conflict resolution skills and evoking a sense of inner peace
  • Reduces Chronic Pain : Certain yoga postures are designed to alleviate chronic pain conditions, offering relief and improving your quality of life.
  • Promotes Better Sleep : The relaxation techniques in yoga can help calm the mind into a state of restful sleep to combat insomnia and promote deeper and more rejuvenating sleep.

Dharana at Shillim has always used yoga to restore wellbeing. We have always guided our guests on incorporating yogic practices into their Dincharya (daily routine) on their Journey to Conscious Being. Restoring wellbeing is a transformative journey which requires making mindful, health-conscious decisions to achieve long-term goals. By embracing yoga as a daily habit, you not only enhance your physical health and develop mental clarity but can also cultivate a deeper connection with your surroundings by practising yoga surrounded by nature.

To guide you on conscious decision making, Dharana at Shillim offers personalised holistic programmes while you reside in effortless luxury in our private villas. The Dharana Yogic Path is designed to guide you through the eight limbs of yoga to reduce stress, replenish physical strength and remove impurities to evoke balance between chakras. Through personalised and guided learning programmes like Yogasana, Pranayama meditation, and healing therapies like, Shirodhara and Kundalini massage, Dharana at Shillim provides opportunities for introspection, mindfulness, and healing.

This International Yoga Day, discover the profound benefits of yoga where tradition, nature, and luxury converge at Dharana at Shillim. Book your yoga retreat today!