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Dharana at Shillim and the Power of Intention

Surrounded by the lush greenery of the Shillim Forest, Dharana at Shillim, a luxury wellbeing retreat, is designed to help individuals reconnect with themselves and the natural world. This Global Wellness Day, begin your wellbeing journey through our Ayurvedic approach while extracting the benefits of being present in a natural surrounding.

Central to Dharana at Shillim’s Ayurvedic approach is the practice of yoga. By name, Dharana is the 6th limb of Ashtanga Yoga and refers to concentration on an external object or internal element. As awellbeing retreat, we utilise traditional knowledge to prioritise every aspect of your health. More than just physical exercise, we use yoga to cultivate focus, enhance mental clarity, and strengthen the body. The practice of yoga involves synchronising breath with movement, which not only improves physical flexibility and strength but also fosters a profound sense of mental calm and concentration. By integrating yoga into your Dincharya (daily routine) at Dharana at Shillim, you cultivate focus that will assist you on your guided wellbeing journey.

Achieving Goals Through the Power of Intentions

Your wellbeing journey begins with the power of intentions. Your Journey to Conscious Being at Dharana begins with the primary intention of restoring your health. We recognise that wellbeing is a continuously evolving journey that requires you to make good health conscious decisions to lead a purposeful life. Making the correct choice can be challenging, but by setting good intentions and using clear thinking, you can navigate this journey with a sense of purpose and direction. This alignment of mind and action paves the way for holistic healing on your luxurious stayat Dharana at Shillim.

We bridge the gap between intention and action through a personalised and guided approach to wellbeing. Recognising that each individual’s journey is unique, Dharana at Shillim offers personalised programmes that address specific needs and goals. Expert practitioners provide guidance, helping you to set realistic intentions and partaking in learning programmes to achieve them. This bespoke approach provides tools necessary to transform your intentions into tangible outcomes.

Dharana at Shillim provides a multifaceted approach on your Journey to Conscious Being that encompasses 5 essential pathways for your wellbeing – Preventative Medicine, Physical Restoration, Healing Nourishment, Emotional Balance & Spiritual Harmony. Combining the power of intentions with Dharana at Shillim’s 5 paths your physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing is prioritised through our various learning programmes on their journey to conscious being. 

Preventative Medicine :

Your journey to wellbeing begins with non-invasive testingthat helps our wellbeing experts understand your specific needs and design your bespoke healing programme. These proactive Ayurvedic health measures reduce the risk of illness and promote longevity.

Regular Exercise :

Tailored to individual fitness levels and preferences, enhance your physical health and mental resilience by partaking in invigorating exercise surrounded by nature. A trek to Shillim peak, Conservation Walk or cycling trails are perfect for improving physical health.

Balanced Diet :

Rich in organic and locally sourced ingredients, nourish your body through delicious and nutritious dishes crafted to your specific dietary needs. Additionally, we have the Dharana Culinary Studio that guides you on using sustainable ingredients and the benefits of slow cooking methods.

Conflict Resolution :

Through wellbeing talks and learning programmes like yoga and meditation, manage stress and learn methods to handle emotional challenges to foster inner peace on your mental health retreat.

Spiritual Wellbeing :

Evoke balance and uncover spiritual harmony by aligning your doshas through learning programmes like introspective Shinrin Yoku, relaxing Forest Walks and other mindfulness activities.

Embracing the power of intention is a profound way to celebrate Global Wellness Day. Set your wellbeing intentions and discover rejuvenation with a stay at Dharana at Shillim!