Conflict Resolution

A harmonious pristine reflective environment pervades at Dharana. Beyond simply fighting physical deficiencies, our integrative approach actively promotes mental health.

Conflict Resolution is a crucial pillar of Dharana wellness that is quite transformative in nature that works towards ensuring a well functioned and optimum life.  At Dharana, our in – house experts create a DiSC® (Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Conscientiousness) profile for the individual, discussing it with the in-house therapist to understand and correct your emotional response. Another major factor that we focus on includes sleep patterns. A polysomnography gives a detailed insight in to your sleeping habits, and this can be the reason one suffers from any physiological complications.

The Dharana approach firmly believes in meditation, visualization and conscious relaxation, and its beneficial effects.  This can enhance physical health, mental clarity and spiritual development. Our experts direct you to this path whilst immersing you in Nature. A deep connect with Nature can help a Dhyani (Dharana Practitioner) achieve an emotional balance and lead a better life.