Dharana Path

On your journey to experience this soothing amalgamation, there are some simple guidelines and restrictions that create a comfortable environment for achieving one-ness with your surroundings.

Mutual respect and attentiveness are at the centre of how we help you imbibe the Dharana way of living. Ancient wisdom and knowledge of healing practices are the guiding force behind the principles of your stay. These have been created as gentle imperatives to complement your transformative journey

  • The second component of Yoga, Niyama, includes the need for virtuous habits and observances. Therefore, we request you to abstain from smoking in public spaces as well as your rooms (Cigarette, Hookah, Vapes, e-caigars). Failing which, a fine of Rs 10,000 will be added to your bill. For the ease of guests we have two designated smoking zones.
  • Serenity is key to Dharana, the 6th aspect of Yoga, which guides one towards introspective focus. In order to preserve the tranquility, children below the age of 12 years are not permitted in the Primary Wellness spaces. This also helps in Dhyana, or contemplation and reflection. Use of the wellness facilities are available only to guests who are of 18 years and above.
  • Yogic philosophy leans towards synchronization with nature. To conserve the natural and cultural heritage of the Western Ghats, and engage the region in the global discussion on sustainability, we do not allow plastic and other biohazards items inside the retreat.
  • Silence is one of the most significant accomplices to Dharana. In our endeavor to create a superlative retreat atmosphere, talking on mobile phones or working on your laptops is permitted only in your private room and in designated areas. Please keep all electronic devices on “silent”. Portable music docks are only permitted in your private room and the decibel level needs to be maintained.
  • Putting others before you is the most basic principle of Yogic learnings. All our villas have been designed for privacy. In order to respect this, operating drones is not permitted on the retreat.
  • Since we are nestled amidst wilderness, we do not allow pets within the retreat
  • The use of fireworks and any kind of inflammable or bio hazardous material is not allowed within the retreat. Please be respectful to Nature we are a part of it.
  • We discourage outside eatables and liquor within the retreat.

Things to Note:

  • The environment is at the helm of the experience of the retreat. While your surroundings are verdant and all walking paths are flanked by nature’s best, since it is a forest retreat, some areas are not easy to reach. We have eco-friendly small cars for internal movement. This is also to accommodate the elderly and differently abled guests.
  • Inclusivity is one of the most important tenets of the retreat. We have villas that are suitable for differently abled guests. Do check with us beforehand so we can reserve these for your convenience.
  • In our endeavor to create a superlative retreat atmosphere, the retreat encourages you to travel light and we provide you with kurtas during your stay, which we encourage you to wear during your retreat.

With your journey at Dharana we aspire and hope that we may learn and grow together in an atmosphere of love, respect and care; and introduce you to ideals that will be the next step in the evolutionary process of humanity.

A sanctuary for body, mind and spirit.

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