Exercise Physiology

Exercise physiology helps you understand and identify your unique biological makeup.
Strength and endurance – physiological factors such as circulatory and cardiovascular performance; blood pressure; heart and lung capacity; muscle strength; and adaptation to training
Connective tissues – chance of soft tissue injury
Recovery time – sensitivity to inflammation, free radicals, and oxidative stress
Our experts assess your current level of fitness, the condition of your body’s systems, how many calories you burn when you work out, and your body’s composition (distribution of fat, lean mass, and bone mass) and then personalise a program best suited to you to assist in maintenance of health, wellness and fitness, as well as assist in rehabilitation from heart disease, other chronic and metabolic conditions and/or disabilities.  They also provide one-to-one motivation and support to help you sustain new-found agility, flexibility and physical perception.
We also believe in promoting health with nature activities in a sustainable environment. Our team of naturalists introduces you to the unique dimensions of nature’s abundance at Shillim, by taking you on excursions, treks, hikes and nature trails.