Forest Bathing for a Conscious Being: Dharana’s Summer Ritual for Reconnection

Dharana Wellness Retreat near Mumbai & Pune, India

As the summer sun beams down nature comes alive with vibrant colors and sweet scents, there’s no better time to surround yourself in the healing embrace of the forest. Beyond being a picturesque backdrop, the natural environment around Dharana at Shillim springs to life and graciously offers its healing benefits to all our guests.


Simply being present in nature at the Dharana wellness retreat has a positive impact on your mental and physical health. Studies show that being in a relaxing natural environment helps reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. The healing energy of the forest can evoke a sense of calm and relaxation, helping achieve mental balance and a sense of inner peace. On a physical level, the incredibly clean air that whistles through the Shillim Forest is beneficial to your respiratory system and your cardiovascular health. The beautiful summer environment acts as a break from the daily tensions and can help bring clarity.


Dharana intertwines your wellness journey with its environment to provide you with natural healing. All our activities are designed keeping in mind the ‘Journey to Conscious Being’. It means Dharana guides you in making purposeful choices to focus on your well-being by choosing health-conscious options. We recognize that wellness is a journey of making the right decisions to continuously partake in healthy activities and being present in nature.


Forest Bathing is one of the most unique activities that Dharana, a luxury wellness retreat, has to offer. Forest bathing, or Shirin Yoku, is a Japanese practice that involves engaging your senses with the sights, sounds, and smells of the forest to promote mental, physical, and spiritual health. Escape your usual sights and sounds and transport yourself to a natural environment where mindful awareness allows you to fully appreciate the beauty and serenity of the forest, helping to reduce stress and promote a sense of calm. 


The health benefits of partaking in Dharana’s Shirin Yoku are:


Stress Reduction :

The calming effect of nature, coupled with the practice of mindfulness, can help to reduce the stress of daily life and provide relaxation. While also serving as a picturesque distraction, the cleaner air does wonders for your respiratory system due to the forest’s naturally cleaner air and decent AQI (Air Quality Index)


Mindful Reflection :

By disconnecting from the distractions of modern life and reconnecting with nature, you can find the time and space to reflect, heal, and learn. Being fully present and appreciating the natural environment encourages introspection and you can gain clarity and improve your conflict resolution. The practice of mindfulness in nature can also help reduce mental fatigue and improve focus and creativity. 


Reduces Blood Pressure :

The calming effect of the forest environment can help lower blood pressure levels and promote cardiovascular health. Additionally, Shinrin Yoku can also improve sleep quality and boost energy levels by regulating your circadian rhythms. This helps with increased energy levels and a greater sense of vitality.


Regulates Mood Swings : 

The holistic practice can help stabilize mood swings and promote emotional well-being by creating a sense of calm and balance. Embracing this ancient practice, can be transformative and cultivate a deeper sense of harmony within ourselves, others, and with the world around us. 


Effectively nurture your body, mind, and spirit at a sophisticated wellness resort with the unique healing practice of Shirin Yoku while staying in Dharana’s luxurious villas. Reconnect with nature and find mental clarity by booking your stay now!