Can the Stress of Ambition be Holding You Back?

Dharana Wellness Retreat near Mumbai & Pune, India

In the 21st century, obtaining wealth and success is the driving force behind most individuals’ ambitions. This is because of the popular misconception that money can buy happiness and leave you content and at peace. Everyone has a sense of ambition driving them to study, work, and be contributing members of society. Yet, it’s important to acknowledge this driving force’s potential impact on our well-being. One aspect to consider is the prevalence of chronic stress, which affects millions annually.


Our modern lifestyle is very demanding and often requires you to juggle multiple commitments between work, family, and personal time, which is usually the root cause of stress. Many times ambitious individuals tend to prioritize their careers to the extent that they make decisions that negatively impact their health. By doing this they sacrifice health with stress and other health issues reducing productivity.


Amidst the hustle of ambitious pursuits, it’s easy to overlook the conscious self-care practices that contribute to our overall wellness. Whether it’s opting for convenient yet less nutritious meals during busy workdays or finding it challenging to prioritize exercise due to time constraints, ambition can sometimes overshadow these crucial activities. Additionally, individuals driven by ambition may view practices like prioritizing sleep and relaxation techniques such as meditation as once-in-a-while indulgences. Dharana at Shillim, a luxury wellness retreat, not only offers stress-relieving activities while being enveloped in nature but also guides you on how to prioritize your wellness and deal with stress through conscious choices.


Dharana at Shillim’s holistic approach to wellness allows you to embark on your Journey to Conscious Being. Dharana’s approach entails guiding you to make purposeful health-conscious decisions with every step of your wellness journey. By focusing your time and energy towards wellness through simple lifestyle changes, you can evolve into a healthier version of yourself with Dharana’s Way of Life. Additionally, identifying health risks and prioritizing your health while being truly present in a natural healing environment like the Dharana is the key to your stress relief. Take a break from the constant pressures of ambition to pause, reflect, and reconnect with nature and yourself by participating in our inclusive wellness programmes.


As the cycle of stress and burnout hinders your ability to achieve your ambitious goals, the Dharana Resilience Programme helps address the underlying causes of your stress and provides a daily routine (Dincharya) that focuses on healing activities intertwined with nature.


This programme is designed to help individuals unwind, reset, and develop stress-reducing coping techniques to deal with life’s challenges. The personalized programme is a combination of wellness practices and immersive experiences in nature that help manage stress and cultivate a sense of balance through a Gut-Brain Axis theory. The theory highlights the interconnectedness of the mind and gut and the importance of keeping both healthy simultaneously. 


You can prioritize your mental health with wellness practices like calming Shirodhara, introspective Shinrin Yoku, and Pranayama meditation. Indulge in sustainably sourced culinary masterpieces that manage your nutritional needs while engaging in light, rejuvenating exercises like a Trek to the Shillim Peak, an inquisitive bird-watching session, and therapeutic clay molding. Additionally, wellness talks with our experts guide your wellness journey even after the retreat. Through these practices, you can reduce stress, improve mental clarity, and enhance your overall quality of life.


Don’t sacrifice your health for your ambition. Make purposive decisions to prioritize your health above your ambition through health-conscious choices and discover holistic techniques to manage stressful situations in your daily life. Begin your wellness journey two hours away from the cityscapes of Mumbai and Pune at Dharana!