Healing Through Natural Elements at Dharana: Celebrating Earth Day with Nature

Dharana Wellness Retreat near Mumbai & Pune, India

Life on Earth has persevered through incredible circumstances. Natural cycles have developed and Earth is an ecosystem that is constantly evolving. In the 21st century, these cycles face great challenges from various human interference.


While activities like deforestation and environmental pollution drain Mother Earth’s precious resources, many make conscious efforts to protect our planet. April 22nd, Earth Day marks the birth anniversary of the modern environmental movement in 1970. It not only acts as a reminder of the significance of our planet but educates, inspires, and unifies individuals to practice environmental conservation. 


So how does a wellness retreat practice conservation?

Dharana at Shillim reduces its dependency on limited fossil fuels with a 500 KW solar panel farm on-site, which provides 80% of the retreat’s power requirements, and energy-efficient technology like VRV air conditioners and LPG-fired steam generators. Dharana also practices rainwater harvesting which provides a sustainable water supply for up to 4 months, and sustainable farming and cooking practices which benefit the soil. Additionally, Dharana’s plastic-free approach also aligns with Earth Day India’s  ‘End Plastic Pollution’ Campaign, which focuses on reducing plastic waste that pollutes our planet.


Protecting the natural beauty and biodiversity of the Shillim Forest stands The Shillim Institute. It is an NGO and educational facility dedicated to conservation, sustainable development, and healing, which continues to protect the Shillim Forest through various conservation efforts. Some of these conservation efforts include:

  • Changing the use of the land from cultivation areas to protected areas and employing the local people as forest guards
  • Creating watershed structures and practicing tree plantation to prevent soil erosion and water runoffs due to deforestation and unsuitable farming practices
  • Strengthening the forest by protecting the biodiversity including 179 species of plants and 213 species of animals including birds, insects, reptiles, and butterflies.


At Dharana, Earth Day is a special occasion, as they share the same message of conservation. Surrounded by the natural sights and sounds of the quaint Shillim Valley, Dharana at Shillim has always recognized the true value of environmental conservation and the health benefits of being surrounded by nature. This is proven by Dharana’s philosophy of the Journey to Conscious Being, which highlights the healing value of being present in nature and making health-conscious decisions along your wellness journey.


One of the most profound aspects of Dharana’s approach to wellness is using the healing power of the natural elements. Earth, wind, and water play integral roles in our daily lives, and Dharana uses these natural elements to help with your wellness journey through various activities that bond you to nature


The soil of the Earth is the foundation for life on our planet. By extension, trees and all flora exist due to it. At Dharana, enjoy activities like rejuvenating treks, Shirin Yoku, and conservation walks where the earth’s energy can be felt beneath your feet. Simply being present in nature and stepping on soil away from the concrete jungles offer its form of therapy.


Air is the very source of life on Earth. Enjoy rejuvenating activities in the fresh air like a trek to Shillim Peak or relax and feel the gentle breeze caressing your skin during outdoor yoga sessions. Breathe clean air, naturally filtered due to the forest, as you focus on your healing journey.


Enjoy the healing and rejuvenating properties of water with aqua aerobics and stream walks along the river, providing opportunities for reflection and renewal. These activities promote physical and mental well-being as the soothing sounds of flowing water and the cool touch of the river offer serenity and foster a sense of balance.


Earth Day, highlights the importance of preserving our planet and embracing the healing power of nature at a luxurious wellness retreat like Dharana. Begin your healing journey at Dharana with the benefits of being surrounded by nature!