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Conscious Living: More Than Just A Lifestyle

Consciousness is derived from awareness but falls beyond your sensory apparatus. It inclines heavily towards mindfulness and results in the awakening of the mind and soul. It amplifies your reactivity towards the environment. Consciousness constitutes acknowledging and analyzing your lifestyle and the choices you make and the effects these choices have on you as well as your environment under scrutiny.

Conscious living has been known under the heap of different names but is yet a relatively contemporary concept. Mindfulness is a major integrand when it comes to conscious living. One of Dharana’s central pillars lies in Conflict Resolution, that promotes mental health. With an integrated approach and advice on emotional responses, sleep patterns and more, it promotes rejuvenation of the mind and spirit for conscious living.

A harmonious pristine reflective environment pervades at Dharana. Humans and wildlife are entities of the same universe. Conscious living consists of acknowledging this universal certitude and leading a conservational lifestyle. It demands the human race to be compassionate towards mother nature and all her creatures to establish a peaceful co-existent ecosystem.  Cutting down on your carbon footprint and refraining the utilization of non-decomposable materials are the absolute pathways to environmental consciousness in contrast to staying in denial of climate change and deforestation.

Dharana has conserved over 2000 acres of contiguous land of the Shillim Valley from the native ‘slash and burn’ agriculture and nurtured more than a million trees aside from many species of flora and fauna.

The conscious lifestyle also highlights the consumption of organic food that is easily digestible and possesses rich nutritional values. Scrutinizing your food sources shall guide you towards healthy living and the well-being of the mind, body, and soul. Embracing the farm-to-table philosophy, the Shillim Cooking School advocates the consumption of fresh produce that do not contain artificial color or preservatives. The focus is geared towards hand picking fruits and vegetables for their meals that are prepared by a slow-cooking technique so as to retain higher nutritional value.

With deadlines and tedious schedules, we tend to neglect ourselves and live under the penumbra of vagueness. Conscious living emphasizes on seeing and acting with a significant level of clarity.  It demands the enhancement of endurance and stamina which can be achieved through exercising and maintaining physical fitness. Through a non-conventional regime tailor-made to suit your fitness goals, the Dharana path works on strengthening your endurance with physical activities like Power Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Pilates, Aqua Aerobics, Nature Fitness Trails, Trekking, TRX training, and Tai Chi that increase your stamina and endurance.

Mindfulness is yet another indispensable component of conscious living. It encourages you to do what makes you happy, prioritize self-care and practice compassion. Thus, conscious living is undoubtedly a healthier choice of lifestyle that endows a soothing process of healing and recovery while directing you towards greater clarity and tranquility.

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