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Keeping Stress At Bay With These Simple Tips And Habits

We are guilty of leading lives that are shackled by air-tight schedules and tedious deadlines. In a toxic environment of concrete jungles, stress management is an indispensable element that garners mental health and tranquility. Stress has an inexorable effect on your professional and personal life. Despite numerous conscious efforts, stress can be tough to manage. Nestled in the foothills of Shillim, amidst the lush forests of Sahyadris, Dharana Wellness Retreat is an eco-wellness retreat that is a sanctuary for the mind, body, and soul. It ensures a thorough cleanse of self, physically and mentally, for the attainment of wellbeing through its wellness programmes. Here are some easy tips and habits that guarantee effective stress management.

Discard toxic relationships: By prioritising your mental well-being, you can demand the release of toxic relationships that disrupt your mental tranquility. Not letting go of poisonous relationships can drastically alter your perceptions and restrain the flow of positivity into your life.

Avoid seeking happiness in Materialism: We may feel that retail fixes can provide long lasting happiness, but such a notion is far from true. In fact, it only provides momentary happiness. While there is no “secret” to happiness, you can be one step closer to achieving it by striking a healthy balance of your mind and body – spending quality time with your family and friends, exercising, appreciating the serenity in the world, ravishing the wilderness of nature, spending alone time with your thoughts etc.

Practicing Yoga and Meditation: A stressful day at work can be redeemed by a rejuvenating Yoga session. As a traditional method of cleansing your soul, Yoga

helps you establish an intimate relationship with the inner you. A combination of Yoga and Meditation regulates your breathing and works extensively on your mental health, as this aids in instant gratification and lasting transformation of the mind and body.

Prioritise self: Whenever you feel stressed and are caught up in a predicament, you must prioritize yourself doing things you love and focusing on your hobbies – painting, listening to music, spending time with your family, exercising, cooking your own food or anything that sparks joy in your life.

Other basic yet pivotal remedies of stress management are maintaining a healthy diet, not being sleep deprived and staying hydrated. Embark on a rejuvenating journey of wellness and spiritual prosperity at Dharana at Shillim and attain enduring guidance to stress management.

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