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Can A Wandering Mind Help Manage Anxiety?

Helmed by relentless working schedules and fast-paced life, we tend to conceive the slightest of discomforts as nothing lesser than a desolation. As a result, mind wandering may seem like a subliminal threat since it distorts the state of absolute consciousness.  Despite the conspicuous, mind wandering is in fact, a highly alleviating mental state that helps in keeping anxiety at bay.

Situated in the foothills of the Sahyadri range, Dharana at Shillim is an eco-wellness retreat that is helmed by Ayurveda, Naturopathy, and Yoga at the center of all of its holistic ideologies. It advocates the practice of Yoga and Meditation for the resolvement of anxiety disorders. Our minds have a tendency to stray more often than known. Meditation helps in subjecting the wandering mind towards the positive, productive line of thoughts to promote mental and spiritual prosperity. Awakening the less conscious mind and acknowledging the unobtrusive can strengthen intuition and instinctive mechanism. Anxiousness leads to aggressive reactions towards the external stimulus while mind wandering acts as a distraction in the process. It provides tranquility and calmness. Meditation and Yoga therapies help in easing the discomforts induced by anxiety by regulating breathing and thinking through physical and mental relaxation. Along with Yoga and Meditation, Naturopathy also works as natural anxiety relief.

The Dharana Eco-wellness retreat purveys a comprehensive approach towards managing stress and anxiety. The Dharana way of life emphasizes on the importance of mindfulness. An optimistic outlook on life goes a long way to encourage enduring spiritual enlightenment. Conflict resolution is a major pillar of the Dharana path. It is a transformative programme that ameliorates your sleeping habits and promotes overall wellbeing in order to prevent anxiety or any other physiological complications. The stress management programme of the wellness center provides tailor-made guidance to suit your mental and physical goals through Dharana’s food philosophy and thorough detoxification of the mind and body.

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