5 Steps to Cleanse your Mind and Body

Dharana Wellness Retreat near Mumbai & Pune, India

In the wake of disturbing complexities of society, the need for having a clean mind and body is paramount. Dharana Wellness Centre, a holistic eco-retreat, helps achieve spiritual attainment and deeply cleanses your mind and body through a holistic approach to therapies and recovery, all their wellness programs. With a cordial atmosphere, this Ayurvedic healing centre helps you walk down the path of salvation. Ayurveda believes that there is a soulful connection between the mind, body, soul and spirit and maintaining that balance without disruptions is a pivotal task. Physical fitness cannot be looked at in silos, an individual’s health must be determined by physical and mental well-being. Thus, cleansing of the mind and body is crucial.

Stay grounded by Practicing Yoga and Meditation

Meditation works as a channel that connects your physical existence to your internal, spiritual side. Meditation is an important pillar in Ayurveda for personal development. It provides tranquillity and tends to make you a calmer, more rational person. The Seven Chakras of Kundalini Yoga, where Kundalini is defined as the energy that lies dormant at the base of our spine. It activates through the practice of yoga, channelled upward through Chakras, eventually leading to spiritual perfection, increasing robustness and concentration capabilities. Therefore, Yoga and Meditation are two of the finest ways to attain spiritual enlightenment. Dharana at Shillim offers a range of programs suited for individual needs, however Yoga and Meditation are constants in every program, deeply cleansing your mind and body of negative thoughts and feelings.


Let go of toxic relationships and materialistic possessions

We tend to believe that success can be measured by the number of materialistic possessions one has. On the contrary, success can be measured by the potential of an individual to get rid of temporary happiness and find solid, permanent instruments of peace. It is impossible to fill an internal void with precious commodities. A less materialistic lifestyle can help you realize life’s real pleasures.  Your philosophy towards life is what forms the core of all the choices and decisions you make.


Prioritize self-tranquillity. Be a warrior, not a worrier

The lifestyle that we have today makes it tough to prioritize self-care. Despite the odds, one must take time-off and attend to mental and physical needs. The holistic getaway helps you establish a firmer relationship with your inner self. It is important to adhere to the basic self-care techniques that guarantee spiritual and physical enhancement. Proper nutrition must be consumed, and a disciplined sleep schedule must be maintained because sleep deprivation and malnourishment are two major lurgies that pose a harm to physical health and spiritual wellbeing. The farm-to-table philosophy embraced by Dharana’s Green Table restaurant offers wholesome meals to the guests cooked using locally sourced ingredients straight from the Shillim Organic Farm preserves natural flavours of the foods known for their nourishing benefits. The exercise physiology of Dharana emphasizes on strengthening the immunity and endurance after identifying your biological makeup.


Don’t hesitate to opt for therapy

Depression and anxiety are unfortunate by-products of the modern lifestyle. Most of us face multiple distress daily. It is indispensable that one acknowledges these internal issues without embarrassment. Alcoholism, anxiety attacks, permanent physical ailments, poor relationships are the long-term effects of stress, and therapy is a crucial way to heal and recover. With expertise in stress management and balancing the mental quotient, Dharana offers conflict resolution with the help of Emotional intelligence. By using a combination of effective treatments that are directed towards the mental and physical wellbeing of the individual, Dharana’s integrative approach actively promotes mental health.


Stay hydrated & Exercise Daily.

Health authorities recommend the consumption of 2 litres of water every single day. Less water intake leads to a drop in energy levels and can be extremely harmful in the long run. Stroke, vomiting, diarrhoea and other illnesses are caused due to dehydration. One feels exhausted and experiences fatigue frequently. Your mind feels restless and you tend to behave in a frantic manner. Thus, staying hydrated is extremely important when it comes to cleansing the mind and body. It also avails the effective functioning of the excretory glands and digestive system that are responsible for cleansing your body. Exercise is also an effective way to cleanse the mind and body since it activates your physical strength and strengthens your mental capabilities.

Experience the journey of soothing amalgamation and tranquillity at the Dharana Wellness Centre where you synchronize with nature and consolidate the relationship with your inner self.