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Keto Diet: Does it really work?

For decades we have been hearing that excess intake of fats makes you increase weight. It seems counter-intuitive to eat-fat to lose-fat? Keto is a unique diet where your intake is high-fat, moderate protein and low carbs. Surprisingly, you will feel less deprived and more energetic. Keto diet is preferred by people for rapid weight loss and is usually recommended by dietitian or gym trainers.

Keto Diet is an extremely low-carb and high fat intake diet that leads to a state of Ketosis wherein there is a build up of the ketone molecules in the bloodstream. When you’re on a Keto diet, the way your body converts food into energy changes completely. Normally, your body turns carbohydrates into glucose for energy. But when there is low-carb intake and excess fat intake, the body starts burning fat instead of carbs for fuel. In this prime manner, the body goes into weight loss mode.

The ketogenic diet was first used for the treatment of patients with Epilepsy, in both children and adults, for nearly a century. The process of Keto Diet is simple, but the science behind it is actually pretty complex. It impacts things like metabolic regulation, neurotransmission, oxidative stress, inflammation and genomic expression. However, the process will help you achieve your target weight in a short term.

The instant dramatic loss in your weight, often leads to weakness in body that can make you feel sluggish. You need to ensure that you consume enough water so that your body doesn’t dehydrate. Also, carbs need water to stay in the body,however with a constant metabolic change, maintaining the hydration will help you reap the optimum benefits of this diet.

Keto Diet typically includes foods like plenty of processed meat, fish, cheese, nuts, sausages, seeds, oils and fibrous vegetables. You can opt for Keto Diet if eating foods like avocado, olive oil and ribeye steak seems exciting. Ketogenic Diet works towards improving blood sugar levels but this only happens on a short-term basis. Your sweet tooth cravings cannot come to an end suddenly, but you can find a suitable dessert replacement even if you are on Keto Diet.

Beginners can visit Dharana at Shillim, an exceptional wellness retreat in India, where they provide you expert advice after complete testing of body. This holistic retreat center also provides diet regime after a consultation of expert nutritionist. It’s best if you opt for a prolonged stay that incorporates a complete programme so that you can observe a permanent and beneficial change in your life.

Keto Diet is comparatively a faster process than any other diet as it results in weight loss in a short-time period. It is a costly affair, be ready for some extra expenses adding to your budgets. The alternative supplements that you need to consume are costlier. At the beginning, you might feel like giving up on Keto Diet but once you get used to it, you feel more energetic than before.

Keto diet is a quite demanding process that comes with a whole host of side-effects that occur due to sudden weight loss but later energises the body and makes you fit. It is a costly affair, but if you want to lose weight instantly, this is one of the highly recommended diet by nutritionist/dietician.

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