Why unplugging from devices is a must

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“Almost everything will work again if you unplug for a few minutes, including you”- Anne Lamott.

When was the last time you had dinner without checking your smartphone? Everyday hovering around your electronic gadget, driven to its inexplicable magnetism just like a moth to a flame, rest assured, you will get burnt. Therefore, to save yourself from such figurative burns, it’s necessary to disconnect for a while. It takes courage, to turn away from your electronic devices, in a true sense, unplugging is not when you distance yourself from your laptops, smartphones or any electronic devices but when unplug your mind from them.

We have almost forgotten to live in the present moment and that technology has a ‘power-off’ button too. All you need to do is decide to take a break and reconnect with yourself, rejoice every moment, take time to rest in the rawest form of nature’s beauty. Also, motivate yourself to create mindfulness in everything you do. A detailed programme that explores the theme of deeper contemplation and healing can bestow a fresh perspective. Dharana at Shillim, a holistic retreat in India has a distinguished set of programmes that involve a combination of activities including yoga, meditation and different physical activities with a deeper connect to nature.

Apart from adapting a fresh perspective, consider these, six reasons to take the time to truly unplug:

Present moment-awareness

The present moment is the only time that is truly yours where you can modify your actions and decisions. The hustle is always going to remain but don’t let anything overpower you, exhale the moment completely to intake the next. Your body and mind require healing at timely intervals to create mindfulness and maintain a healthy lifestyle. The present moment won’t last for a lifetime, so instead of running to acquire everything, live in the moment.

Soak up in the quiet time

In this busy lifestyle, it’s important to disconnect for a while – take a break and spend time with nature to soak in some fresh air and sunshine while you attain mindfulness at a wellness retreat in India, like Dharana at Shillim. They provide integrated holistic programmes that help you heal your body, mind and soul. The aim is to help you step back for a while from work and unwanted stress so that you come back feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Improved sleep

In the past, people would ‘switch-off’ after work by simply going home or by not picking up the phone. But this isn’t the case anymore, your smartphones are equipped with social media and high-speed internet. The digital world expects everyone to be available all the while which leads to zero ‘me-time’ and lack of peace. Your body and mind also need rest, to get through the everyday rush in life. Unplugging has become the need of the hour so that you don’t remain deprived of sleep. Less sleep brings in less productivity on the table and there are higher chances that you might feel lousy the next day.

No more FOMO

FOMO that is ‘Fear of Missing Out’ has become a real psychological issue with the advancement of technology. It’s easy to feel left out when you’re stuck at work, you may try to cover everything, but will still miss out on some important meetings or documentation of a project online. To escape from this feeling, unplugging is a requisite, give yourself time for some new learnings that come your way. Explore some new places to learn new things or go to a holistic retreat centre to adapt a mindful perspective to living life.

Unplugging makes us less anxious

Always focusing on the future or the past can jeopardize our present, which can eventually bring unwanted anxiety. There is an absolute need for a cultural shift back to living in the moment which requires unplugging yourself for some time. We often get anxious about small things, like not checking emails, social media updates or missing an event, but it should be the other way around. Hence, it’s important to disconnect and try to regain a sense of independence from technology and the anxiety associated with it.

Breaking the cord

Any work that requires a focused mind will demand a disconnect from devices. Spending time in nature for a quick refreshment is a great antidote to excessive screen-exposure. Your cell phones, even when ignored, create a certain level of distraction. The more distant the smartphone, the better the focus. This cord needs to break whether temporary or in interest to learning something new or simply breathing fresh air.

Constant changing technology leads to less human interaction and more technology-driven communication. Heavy, unnecessary technology opens gates for anxiety, depression, stress and unwanted health problems. So, the next time we get a notification on our cell phones, we should ask ourselves a simple question: Does technology serve us or rule us?