How To Plan The Perfect Summer Getaway

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Step outside and welcome the sunshine! Summers are the perfect time for a family holiday. Kids have summer vacations in schools which make this the best time for the family to get out and have fun together.

Planning a vacation can get tricky, especially if you are traveling with kids. But if planned right, it is sure to turn into an enjoyable experience for everyone.

Here are a few things to help you get it right…

1. Start planning now

Everyone is looking to travel during this time of the year. Waiting to make your bookings until the last minute in the peak season only results in higher prices and unconfirmed tickets. This isn’t how you would like to start your summer getaway, right?

2. Choose your destination wisely

Choose a destination based on whether you are traveling with your spouse, kids or a large group. Are you just looking to get away from the everyday grind of a city life? During the summers, it is always best to pick a place that is closer to nature. This allows you to truly unwind, away from all the heat and pollution of the city. If you are looking to rejuvenate your senses and pamper yourself, the Hilton Shillim Retreat and Spa is exactly where you should be headed.

3. Have all your tickets and booking details in place

Being unable to find your tickets at the last moment may cause unnecessary tensions. To avoid this, you should always keep printed copies of airline tickets and other reservations just in case you can’t access them digitally. It is also wise to scan and upload a copy of your passports or other ID to a cloud for easy access anywhere in the world in case of loss.

4. Stay healthy and hydrated

Summers aren’t too kind on your health, and falling sick while on a vacation is the last thing you’d want.

The best way to plan an awesome summer vacation is to simply go out there and have fun with friends and family.

Make sure you pack everyone’s medication and healthy snacks for the trip. Drink plenty of water when outdoors and get enough rest. Carry an eye mask to block out unexpected light and ear plugs, just in case anyone has trouble sleeping.

5. Carry something to entertain the kids

Kids are bound to get bored on long flights or train journeys. Games, books, and toys may be good to pass time. Another option is to put them in charge of taking pictures. This will make them more invested in the scenery, landscape or places that they come across.

It’s tough to maintain the same discipline and rules that are non-negotiable at home while on a trip, especially with kids. There may be more ice cream ordered, and later bedtimes. Flexibility is key when people are out of their normal routines, and isn’t that exactly what the purpose of a vacation is?

The best way to plan an awesome summer vacation is to simply go out there and have fun with friends and family. Worrying too much about having everything in control will only take the fun out of it, wouldn’t you agree?

Have something you’d like to add to this list? Or a special summer getaway memory when you had a great time with the family? Do share with us in the comments below. We’d be thrilled to know.