Monsoon Diet: 5 foods to to avoid

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Each season comes with an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables. Eating seasonal food during the monsoons not only has plenty of health benefits but it is one of the most important factors to keep many monsoon-related illnesses and diseases at bay. Monsoons bring along many bacterial and viral diseases, coupled with the current situation of COVID19, it is all the more critical that we eat well to keep up our immunity. 


Seasonal produce is fresher due to naturally being harvested at a particular time, therefore are abundant in flavour. Fresh produce that is locally sourced is automatically higher in nutritional value, avoiding contamination by eliminating the transportation process. It is also more environmentally friendly. 


Here are 5 foods you should avoid during monsoon season

  • Leafy greens: Though they come with a long list of benefits, leafy greens and vegetables like cauliflower, spinach, cabbage are prone to germs due to the way they are grown. Instead, consuming green vegetables like bitter gourd, bottle guard are better alternatives, though they should be washed and cooked properly 
  • Fried Food: While is fine to consume fried food in limited quantities, any excess can result in indigestion and other gut-related problems
  • Seafood: The breeding season for fishes and other seafood is during monsoons, therefore it makes you susceptible to water-borne diseases. If you are looking to consume animal protein, it is best to stick to chicken, mutton, eggs etc, albeit the freshest kind, cooked well. 
  • Soft Drinks: Soft drinks reduce the nutrients in our body. Coupled with a vulnerable digestive system, this can also cause gut-related troubles such as indigestion, diarrhoea and constipation. Substituting these with warm beverages like tea will ensure gut health as well
  • Raw vegetables: Eating raw vegetables have their own benefits, but it is best to avoid during monsoons. Any germs or insects present in these vegetables get eliminated during the cooking process. In the event this does not happen, it can have a direct effect on our stomach. 


Dharana Wellness Centre, a wellness retreat near Mumbai, focuses on holistic health which includes physical, mental and spiritual balance. One of the main pillars of this eco wellness retreat lies in the farm-to-table food philosophy, which encourages an organic approach to consuming food. Fresh produce is picked from the organic farm and is made with slow-cooking techniques. As an Ayurvedic healing center in India, Dharana combines the use of an integrative, modern approach for holistic health with Modern diagnostics with traditional practices like Yoga and Ayurveda to ensure a sustainable wellness journey.