Art in the wild



Nature has the power to heal you. Give it a chance to meet you, engage you, and transform you. Allow art to refine your sensibilities. The act of creation itself is a magical process.

Allow it to soothe you with its mesmerizing effects. Let it leave a mark that you’ll cherish for the rest of your life. Vicky Colombet’s work is both abstract and suggestive of landscapes, of topographies, of the erosion of earth and its ephemeral elements. While Colombet questions what can be read as landscape, her surfaces captures the fleeting moment in the life of nature and suggest contemplation.

Colombet will immerse herself in the Shillim landscape, walking, looking and sketching, but also study the earth and geology of the site and using natural resources of the site in making her paints. She will also experiment with the impact that resonances of traditional music will have on the process of creating her works on canvas and paper.

A sanctuary for body, mind and spirit.

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