A Holistic Guide to Mitigating Hypertension

Dharana Wellness Retreat near Mumbai & Pune, India

While it is quite common to hear “don’t be so tense” or “don’t take so much tension”, these phrases provide you with sound advice. So this World Hypertension Day, Dharana at Shillim shines a light on this prevalent yet ignored ailment and how it can be managed through simple holistic practices.


Hypertension, more commonly known as high blood pressure, is a condition where the force of blood against the artery walls is consistently too high which forces the heart to pump blood at a faster rate. As hypertension usually shows no symptoms, it is often referred to as a ”silent killer”.  While most choose to start a series of medications that can cause side effects depending upon your body, the most effective solution to preventing hypertension is a holistic one. Holistic healing not only is personalized to your body and its root issues but also helps prevent illness and restore wellness by incorporating health-conscious decisions and healthy activities into your routine. It helps the mind and body heal as a unit according to its own capabilities and limitations.


While stress is a normal part of life, without making conscious decisions to counter continuous stress in healthy ways, the effects of hypertension will worsen. Dharana at Shillim, a luxury wellness resort, guides you on preventing and mitigating the effects of hypertension by identifying its modern-day causes and providing you with holistic solutions:


  1. Chronic Stress : 

With the modern pressures of work and family life, the burden of continuous stress can feel overwhelming and cause an imbalance of your doshas. Additionally, many use technology as a stress-buster instead of simple holistic practices which would be far more effective. To prevent long term stress, Dharana introduces meditation and wellness talks to improve your conflict resolution and restore clarity. Even the simple act of being truly present in nature and taking in the sights and sounds of your natural surroundings is a stress-reducing practice.


  1. Unhealthy Diet : 

Stress and weight are interconnected aspects of your well-being. Consuming processed foods high in salt, sugar, and unhealthy fats can lead to obesity and cause related heart issues. Dharana helps guide you in making difficult health-conscious decisions related to your diet, and accustom you to savoring delicious locally sourced organic meals, slow cooking practices and reducing snacking.


  1. Sedentary Lifestyle : 

Due to the constant demands of modern life, people usually prioritize relaxation at home instead of getting the required amount of daily exercise. This lack of physical activity can contribute to weight gain and stress which increases the risk of hypertension. While Dharana offers invigorating activities like treks and walks, you can discover physical strength, balance and flexibility through guided yoga sessions 


  1. Smoking and Alcohol Consumption : 

The normalized activities of smoking and drinking increase the risk of hypertension. These habits can damage the blood vessels and deteriorate your health. Through your ‘Journey to Conscious Being’ Dharana teaches purposeful decision-making, this refers to continuously making the correct health conscious choices and reducing unhealthy habits on your wellness journey


  1. Genetics : 

A family history of hypertension can increase your risk of developing the condition. Through genetic testing, Dharana can identify the onset of hypertension and mitigate the effects by replenishing your well-being and guiding you on your evolving wellness journey


Dharana at Shillim offers  a mental health retreat for managing hypertension and stress through its Mental Resilience Retreat Programme. The programme is designed to help you cope with stress, provide mental clarity, and improve your overall mental health. Our individualised programme prioritizes every aspect of your well-being and guides you on how to manage stress effectively by addressing its root causes.


Through activities like a trek to Shillim Peak and Shinrin Yoku, wellness therapies like Shirodhara and Lepana, and a personalized dosha-based diet, discover the healing benefits of health-conscious decision-making in a natural environment. Through mindfulness meditation, yoga, and wellness talks, learn how to identify and manage stress triggers, awaken your consciousness, and develop healthy coping mechanisms.


By guiding you to adopt healthy conscious practices into your Dincharya, our programme provides sustainable solutions for managing hypertension. Begin your healing retreat and manage a balanced lifestyle with healthy conflict resolution.